Different handshakes convey different meanings in social as well as work settings. Read the article to find out what are the different types/ kinds of handshakes

Different Types Of Handshakes

Handshakes form the most important part of greeting a new person. Apart from a form of greeting, a handshake also conveys power, confidence and professionalism. A lot can be judged from a person’s handshakes. Though it is a small gesture, it can actually make or break a relationship from the start. These little gestures provide important clues that can help you to identify the person whom you are communicating with. Often, we fall victim to a bad shake, be it too weak, too strong or poor timed grab. Remember, if you are unable to perform a perfect handshake, it can create some undesirable impressions of you on the other person. Hence, it is very necessary to put the best hand forward, while greeting a person. Read on to get detailed information about the different kinds of handshakes.
Different Types Of Handshakes
In-Control Shake
The in-control handshake is made by a person to convey that he is under your control. He will grab your hand by his right hand and place his left over the shake to form a glove. All that the person wants to convey is that he is trustworthy, but such gestures often end up making you uncomfortable.
Bone-Crushing Shake
A person who makes a hard, stiff shake pretending to break your fingers is conveying that he is stronger than you and wants to control. People who make such a handshake seem to be confident, but have a tinge of aggressiveness in them. While facing such people, smile broadly and offer a firm-handed shake.
Butterfingers Shake
A person making such a shake does not like the gesture and wants to get over it quickly. The person will grip your fingers lightly and let it go instantly, leaving your hand hanging in mid air. This person probably wants to keep you at a distance and avoid any kind of intimacy.
Lifeless Shake
A lifeless shake is a limp shake that is cold enough to keep you wondering what is wrong with the person. The person making such a shake creates a weak impression of himself, thereby indicating that he needs to be left alone. Simply shake a hand with this person and move ahead.
Body-Basher Shake
Beware of a person who performs this handshake as he is up to some tricks. He will make a hard squeeze, pulling your hand towards his personal space. He will then slap your wrist, elbow or shoulder with his left hand with a blow that is sure to keep you shocked. Staying away from such a person is strongly recommended.
Arrogant Shake
An arrogant shake is made intentionally to demoralize your sense of security. This person will offer a stiff, flat hand with the palm facing down indicating that he is the boss. Since you cannot escape such a handshake, the best would be to offer your hand with your palm facing up.
Condolence Shake
The person making a condolence handshake will pretend to be too familiar to you by clasping your right hand or arm with an attempt to hug you. Though this behavior can be accepted during a funeral, but it comes out as a condescending and inappropriate act otherwise.

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