Looking for signs that show someone loves you truly? Read this article to learn the different signals on how to know if someone likes you romantically.

How To Know If Someone Likes You Romantically

Have you ever plucked the petals of a rose, reciting loves me and loves me not? A popular technique to find whether or not a person loves you, most of you would admit doing this in your teenage. Childish as it might sound; this is, however, no way to know the feelings of a person. At times, while talking, you think you have figured out that spark but in the end, you realize that there was none at all. Then, what do you do? Approach directly! Though this might be an easy alternative for some, for most it might be too bold a step to take. In case you are in a similar situation and have been racking your brains with this most annoying and hardest question, here is a respite. Look for signs and signals that show the person is romantically interested in you. Given here are a couple of ways to tell if someone romantically likes you. In case, the person exhibits some of the given below signs, do not spend much time and take the initiative to find out for yourself, for you never know that he/she might be the person you had always been looking for!
Signs That Someone Truly Loves You
  • He/she shows a lot of interest in your daily life and enquires about your family friends and job. The person also insists on finding more about you and always remembers whatever you say or do.
  • He/she knows what makes you smile and feel special and indulges in the same. In case you feel low, the person would looks for ways to brighten up even your darkest day.
  • He/she is affectionate, sensitive, sweet, attentive and thoughtful about what you think and feel. Whenever the person is with you, he/she tries to find out about your needs, wants and desires.
  • Calling without any reason simply because the person was thinking about you, missing you or felt like talking to you is another sign that explicitly states the love interest of a person.
  • When a person wants to spend more and more time with you, know for sure that he/she thinks of you more than just a friend or acquaintance. The person might even go ahead and clear up or cancel the busy schedule just to spend those special moments with you and have fun when you both are together.
  • Talking and sharing personal things with you, which nobody knows about is another clear sign of a person liking you. Remember, blind trust and faith only results in confession of feelings related to the different aspects of life.
  • The person will take the special extra mile just to be by your side. He/she will accompany you to a show or event even if the person does not like and will never complain about it being boring or uninteresting.
  • He/she would always appreciate your nature and tell how you make him/her feel special. Chances are that the person has already mentioned that you are the most precious individual in his/her life.
  • Doing small and unexpected things to surprise you to show what you mean to him/her is another trait of a person being romantically inclined towards you. The person would take care of what you like and what not and will pay attention to even the minutest details.
  • The person will try to stay as close to you as possible. At times of trouble, he/she is likely to hug you and say that he/she would put in all the efforts to solve the problem.
  • While choosing a gift for you, he/she would offer you something with a special meaning embedded in it. Also the person will never consider the price tag, while selecting a gift for you.
  • The person is always at your help even if you do not ask for and will happily and instantly accept help from you.
  • He/she will always want a future with you and talks about it quite often, in a manner like asking for help to plan the future, career, and so on.
  • Lastly, remember more than verbal communication, it is non-verbal communication that reflects the real and true feelings of a person. Gesture, body language and eyes speak a lot than words. So, just look into his/her eyes and you will know whether or not the person loves you.

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