Eco friendly flooring is a good option against toxic material based flooring. Explore the article given below on eco friendly flooring.

Eco Friendly Flooring

In recent years, the market for eco-friendly home designs has grown at a feverish rate. This boost is propelled by more and more people who consider that it is high time to adopt green methods in their lifestyle. The first step in this organic home design is to get rid of materials that contain toxic chemicals and replace them with those that have a minimal impact on the environment. Since the floors are one of the most important features of the house, it is only natural that you go for eco-friendly flooring. Other than the beneficial effect, it has on the environment; eco friendly floorings are also safe for your health. The use of organic materials means that you can recycle them effectively or dispose them without harming the environment. To strengthen your bid for eco friendly products even more manufactures are joining the fold. As such getting your hand on such flooring has now become an easier task compared to a few years back. Now you also have the luxury to choose among many different types of eco friendly flooring. To know more go through the article given below on what are the types of eco friendly flooring.
Eco Friendly Flooring Materials
Bamboo Flooring 
  • Bamboo is perhaps the best eco friendly flooring option.
  • Bamboo floors are hard wearing and they stay good for many years.
  • Nowadays, bammoo comes in wood-like shades with both light and dark options.
  • If you maintain the bamboo floors properly then they can last as long as hardwood floors.
  • Using bamboo has very less environmental impact as it grows fast and abundantly. It does not require any fertilizers to grow.
  • The bamboo materials are cheap and very easy to maintain. 
Cork Flooring 
  • Cork is a new entrant in eco friendly materials and is fast catching up.
  • Cork is nothing but the bark of the oak tree that is pressed to form hard tiles.
  • The recycled chips of cork offer very good insulation and soundproofing.
  • They can also be used instead of carpets, as cork floors are warm and comfortable. They are also easier to maintain than carpets.
 Stone Flooring 
  • Stone flooring has been used since centuries.
  • Now stone floors are available in every color and pattern. 
Leather Flooring 
  • Just like wood and stone leather can be used in flooring.
  • Leather becomes even more elegant with age.
  • Using leather can effectively reduce the dependence on wood.
  • However, leather is not good in high humidity. 
Reclaimed Hardwood 
  • Instead of buying brand new hardwood, you can source these from old buildings and then refurnish them for your homes.
  • Using reclaimed hardwood for your floors will prove to be very good for the environment as fewer trees need to be cut and also provide a stylish and elegant look. 
Linoleum Flooring 
  • Linoleum flooring has been in use for several years.
  • It is durable and easy to install.
  • This type of flooring does not release any toxic fumes and so it is excellent for the environment. 
Wool Carpets 
  • If you want to go for carpets then, the best ones are the wool based.
  • Though expensive, they are eco-friendly and better for the health. Wool carpets also last longer.
  • Go for wool carpets that have been dyed with vegetable dyes and when installing the carpets use water base low VOC glue.

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