There are a number of ways to know a guy really likes you or simply considers you a friend. Read this article and learn how to tell whether a man likes you or not.

How To Tell Whether A Man Likes You

You have finally fallen for a guy. You get extra conscious when he is around you and cannot seem to meet his eye ever. The moment you manage to meet his gaze, by chance, little shivers run down your spine. However, before taking the next step, you want to be sure that he reciprocates your feelings. No use in telling him how you feel and then getting to know that he considers you just a friend, or (even worse) an acquaintance. So, just go through the following lines and learn how to tell whether a man likes you or not and take the next step accordingly.
Ways To Know A Guy Likes You
The Eye Contact
One of the best ways to know whether a guy likes you or not is to notice the way his eyes talk. Do you often find him gazing at you? Does he quickly look away the moment you happen to meet his gaze? Does he hold your gaze for a fraction of second more than it is necessary? If yes, then you can begin to assume that he likes you. Another sign would be that whenever he says something funny in a group, he always looks at you to make sure that you are laughing.
The Way He Treats You
If you want to tell whether a man likes you or not, notice his behavior when he is with other girls and compare it with how he behaves when you are around. Do you find him much more receptive to your problems that the other females? Does he act a bit more reserved with you, than with the other girls? Do you often find his attention fixed on you, even when other women are around? If he treats you a bit differently than the others, it will be sign that he has some feelings for you.
The Flirting Syndrome
It is common with guys to flirt with other girls, especially in front of the woman they really like. They do this to see whether all the flirting has any effect on you, as in makes you feel jealous or not. In other words, he wants to see whether you feel anything for him or is it just friendship. Get your friend to look over him when he flirting. If the guy manages to steal his gaze every few seconds, to rest on you and notice your reactions, he is flirting simply to tease you.
The Friends Circle
Noticing the friends of a guy can often help you know whether he is really interested in you or not. If you often find them giving conspiring or smug smiles when you pass by or teasing him subtly when you are around, there are strong chances that he likes you. Coming up to you and trying to explore your feelings for him or know whether you are single or committed, though in a subtle way, are some other signs that show that their friend is interested in you.
The Body Language
Save the best, for the last! Reading the body language of a man can help you a great deal in exploring his feelings for you. If he likes you, you will never ever see him turning his back towards you. While talking to you, he would always lean a bit closer. If, by accident, you manage to touch him, he would act as if he didn't notice it and never ever try to move away. Unless and until he is a noted playboy, these signs mean that he feels for you.

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