Looking for frugal wedding ideas that can create that million dollar look? This article provides you with different ideas on planning a tight budget wedding.

Frugal Wedding Ideas

Most brides and their families don’t mind spending out large sums to have an extravagant and luxurious wedding. But what if you are not in a position to have a lavish wedding or are already boggled down with the extravagant shopping? Worry not, as there are alternative wherein you can plan an inexpensive wedding and make it a memorable one, at the same time. A frugal wedding is the best way to have a beautiful and memorable D-day, without spending a lot of money! There are numerous tips and ideas that can help you have a million dollar wedding as well as save tons of money. Frugal wedding ideas pertain to all the aspects of the wedding, right from ceremony to reception and everything in between. Every small factor related to the wedding should be considered to plan a frugal wedding. Read on further to find ideas for planning a tight budget wedding.
Low Budget Wedding Ideas
Plan your wedding during the off-season to save money, in case you would be renting a wedding reception hall or hiring a caterer. The most popular wedding months are from October to February. These are the months when the prices reach sky high. The best way to save your pocket from the lofty prices would be not to have a wedding in these months.
Time Of Day
The time of day of the wedding plays a major role in deciding the cost of the food and attire. A morning or afternoon weeding is less costly than an evening wedding. Daytime weddings are more casual serving brunch or afternoon tea and hence, are less expensive than a full dinner. You can also opt for a cocktail hour reception that serve only cocktails, champagne and appetizers. Also, wedding halls cost more in the evenings than in the afternoon. Plus, there is no need to spend on additional lighting. 
Look out for a nearby city or town that is relatively cheaper for renting a hall for your wedding reception. An outdoor reception would be one of the best frugal wedding ideas. Look out for a park or a backyard of a friend or family member.
Wedding Invitation
Make your own homemade wedding invitations. Take help from your closest friends and relatives to assemble the invitations. Use your imagination to create some fun and unique invitations.
Wedding Dress
Think twice before spending bundles of notes on a dress that would be worn only once! Look for bargains on wedding dresses and spend enough time on selecting the right dress. The best would be to buy during the time when shop owners go for sale, as you can get the best of attires at discounted price. You can also check out consignment or vintage shops for a pre-owned dress.
Using flowers that bloom during that particular season will surely save you a lot of money, instead of going for those that bloom only in specific months. Seasonal flowers that are grown locally is the best idea. Buy loose flowers and arrange them yourself at the wedding venue. For even a cheaper deal, select flowers from your or your acquaintance’s garden or pick wildflowers.
Wedding Cake
A frugal wedding simply means that you would not be spending large sums on the wedding cake. You can go for a small cake and have a sheet cake bake in the kitchen to serve the guests with. You can also prepare cupcakes at home and display them in a tiered pattern.
Cancel out the caterer as food turns out to be one of the biggest expenses in a traditional wedding. With the help of a few friends and relatives, prepare the food at home and set up a large buffet table. Offer a large variety of tasty yet inexpensive foods to your guests like salads, baked potatoes, soup, baked chicken, stew, etc.
Wedding Favors
Gather your friends and relatives to prepare wedding favors at home. Choose simple but meaningful favors to hand out to the guests. Some good cheap favors include homemade cookies, potpourri, candies tied with a ribbon, and so no.
Stay Simple
While planning a frugal wedding, have loose bouquet of flowers as wired and exotic bouquets turn out to be very expensive. Remember that simple decorations too can make a great impact on the entire wedding décor. Buy yards of tulle and drape them everywhere to create an airy atmosphere. Use it to make bows and place them over plain tables to dress them up.  

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