Using flirting body language is a great way to show one’s interest towards the opposite sex. With this article, check out the common body language for flirting.

Flirting Body Language

It is often said that ‘expressions and actions speak better than words’ and in the world of flirting and romance, this statement is like the ‘supreme truth’. Nothing can help you send a clearer and more direct message than your body language. Even without uttering a single word, you can express your intentions and feelings for another person. Flirting body language mainly involves the physical movements and gestures that convey our desires and feelings in a way more powerful than spoken words. Studies have indicated that around 50% of what we communicate is represented by non-verbal body language, 38% by the tone of our voice and a meager 7% by actual spoken words. These bodily languages are natural instinct that we send even subconsciously, without our knowledge and we rarely have any control over them. This body language plays an important role in the ‘flirting’ game as well. To send the correct message as well as to comprehend the messages sent to us by another person accurately, it is important that we have a proper understanding of flirting body languages.
Common Body Language For Flirting
Eye Contact
Identifying the message that is conveyed through the eyes is very important as it is a strong signal of attention, attraction, honesty and interest. In fact, it is often said that the first step to make someone interested in you is to maintain and establish eye contact. Prolonged eye contact indicates that you are paying attention to the other person and are open to being approached.
The way you stand, your sitting posture, and even your general body alignment can send very strong signals, indicating your attraction and desire for attention. An unmistakable sign of female flirting is slow crossing and uncrossing of the legs, while stroking the thighs at the same time. A classic male body language sign is the ‘cowpoke’ stance, which includes putting thumbs in the pocket or behind the belt and pointing the fingers towards the genitals. Apart from this, any kind of male posture that makes him look masculine and manly attracts the attention of the opposite sex.
Right Dressing
A well dressed man or woman instantly becomes the focus of attention. A little exposure of the skin on the neck, collarbone or arms of females acts like a stimulator, immediately drawing the attention of the opposite gender. On the other hand, men tend to focus on their muscular body.
Accidental Brushes
Females are very sensitive to touch and often use the ‘accidental brush past’ technique to indicate their interest and attention. However, most men fail to understand and comprehend the signal and may just ignore it. So, the next time somebody brushes past you accidently, pick up the signal at once and turn around to give a smile.
Playing With Hair
More common among girls, this is an unmistakable sign of interest and attention. Often, in order to get noticed, many girls would play with their hair, as they feel that it makes them self look good and attractive. This act can be even subconscious at times. However, more often than not, it is a sign of interest.
Whispering and Leaning
This flirting technique is especially meant for girls, as they love a moment of intimacy with the right guy. This can, in fact, be a good technique to ‘test’ the waters and gauge her reaction.

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