Avoid watching television and pave the way for a healthy lifestyle. In case you find that difficult, check out the amazing tips given here and know how to stop watching TV.

How To Stop Watching TV

Television, often referred to as the ‘magical box’, is one of the most entertaining forms of media in the world today. The invention and production of television has made a huge difference in the life of people all across the globe and played a pivotal role in socialization, particularly during the 20th and the 21st centuries. The use of television has, in fact, revolutionized the beliefs and outlook of humans, bringing different customs and traditions closer to each other. However, every coin has two sides and the same goes for television as well. Research has proved that frequent viewing of TV is linked to a number of health and psychological conditions.
If you add up all the time that you spend in front of the television, you will be astounded to find that it will almost be equal to the number of your working days. With the increasing number of satellite channels, programs and video games emerging each day, the number of hours spent before the TV is increasing at an alarming pace. Constant watching of this form of media is often linked with brain dysfunction and improper development. It also leads to conditions like short-sightedness, obesity, sleep disruptions and lower immunity. Certain psychological conditions also emerge from this and some people even find it difficult to differentiate between reality and fantasy. Now, do you find reason enough to avoid this habit? If yes, then read on to find out how you can stop yourself from the addictive and dangerous practice of watching TV.
Tips To Avoid Watching Television 
  • You can start by getting rid of the television set (as in, not throwing it away). All you have to do is compromise for a few days, by placing the television in storage or in a less-used corner of your house. Although this is too drastic a step, it will be easier to break the habit of watching TV this way.
  • Try to decrease the amount of hours you spend in front of the television, by indulging in other activities. Check out for alternating means of entertainment, like reading books, cooking food, maintaining your garden, and so on.
  • Try to watch programs that are short and quick, like the news programs on television. This way, you will not only gain a comprehensive coverage, but will also be able to cut down the time you employ on watching different soaps and programs. You can take this one step further, though gradually, by catching up the news through the radio or internet site. This will help you help overcome the sensory overload that is usually associated with watching news on television.
  • Try different experimental methods to get rid of this addictive habit. For instance, as soon as you come back home from work, put on some fresh clothes and instead of racing towards the television set; head towards the stereo instead. Listen to your favorite numbers and see yourself getting relaxed and revitalized.
  • Try opting for a healthy and active lifestyle by concentrating on a few minutes of physical exercise. You can begin with a few warm-up sessions and proceed to a daily walking or jogging regime. The more you divert your attention to a healthy lifestyle, the lesser time you will have to devote to sedentary activities like watching television.
  • One great way is to plan on a particular show in advance that you want to watch. Once the particular program is over, immediately switch off the TV set, instead of watching other programs randomly.

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