Understanding the nuances of body language can give an edge to your communication skills. To unearth more on the intricacies of body language signals, read on.

Body Language Signals

Picture this: you are swiveling in a discotheque when your gaze meets hers. You look slick and your confidence is unbeatable. You swagger up to her table and ask her for a dance. The next thing you know is that the girl is reeling in your arms. So what really wooed the dame? Well, apart from your waltzing skills and hipness, it certainly has to be your ‘kinesics.’ Body language is the ultimate giveaway of your ulterior purpose and is a blatant manifestation of your inner charisma or rather lack of it. Whether you wish to score a date with the hot-chick-next-door or bag a plush corporate job, a slight tilt of your eyebrows, sudden twitching of your mouth, dilated pupils and even your crossed legs can make or mar your chances. Nevertheless, mastering the nuances of body language and even decoding these subtle signs can be a baffling affair and can fox you at times. Here are a couple of body signals to watch out for. Pick your cues and get the silent code of body language cracking.
Body Language Signs
Watch Your Head!
You are sitting across a bar, daintily sipping on your Mojito, when you notice a cute chick looking intently at you. She twirls her locks and tilts her head and before you realize you know there is some chemistry brewing.  Buy it or not, your head is one of the biggest giveaways of your secret intentions and motives and perhaps reveals more than all the paroles put together. For instance, a tilted head can be a flirtier way of stating ‘I am interested in you!’ or even reveal curiosity, uncertainty and more just like a level head which is a more positive sign of self-assuredness and confidence.
Play Your Peepers!
Your eyes have been limned as the “window of the soul” for a pretty good reason. They are indeed the real snitchers as far the science of kinesics goes. The way you bat your peepers, lower your lashes or shoot furtive glances has loads to reveal about your state of being. For example, if the pretty lady across the crowded room is giving you dreamy six-second gazes every now and then, then it's little surprise that you have her hooked. Eyes are probably the best ways of reading into other’s intentions. Just as glancing intermittently but repetitively for long is a sign of romantic interest, staring hard without any pause has connotations that are more negative. Likewise, rolling the eyes upwards is a clear sign of disapproval, while excessive blinking may indicate lying or treachery.
Bank On Your Million Dollar Smirk!
Nothing exudes more charm and charisma than an irresistible ear-to-ear grin loaded with exuberance. Remember Jack Nicholson? It is too hard to resist the appeal of a warm smile that can turn your heart into pulp and get you feeling upbeat. Smiling releases ‘endorphins’ aka ‘happy hormones’ in the body, thus boosting one’s confidence, sensuality and charisma. However, before you break out into a big grin when headed for the all-important conference meet, know that closed smile lips is a sign of courtesy or politeness while a big smile has a more forthcoming implication. Puckered lips on the other hand might reveal sexual import, while pursed lips may be a strong sign of disapproval.
What’s With Your hands?
When out to impress someone, everything right from your upright posture to a firm and dry handshake counts. Your hands probably reveal a little more than you actually understand and are often more conspicuous signs of the person you are. For instance, an alpha male handshake (with palms facing downwards) is a sign of domination, while a double handshake hints at more open and friendly gesture. If someone fiddles with their fingers or hides their hands when communicating, it indicates their reluctance to converse or treachery. So next time you raise your hands to prove a point, just watch out for the impact it makes.
Arm To Toe!
Whether you wish to knockout your new employer with your sheer composure, or make a suave impression on the colleague in the next cubicle, all you need to be armed with is sassy kinesics. You cannot afford to botch up your chances by turning up as someone uninviting, bossy or arrogant. Remember, you can subtly influence other people’s opinion of you with smart body gestures. For instance, straight arms are a sign of confidence and strength unlike crossed arms, which is a strong indication of defense and protection. Similarly, tapping the feet is a sign of anxiety, while open legs are a sign of open communication.

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