Breaking up with someone, without hurting him/her much, is a very difficult task. With the article, you will learn how to break up with someone, by applying the best possible way.

How To Break Up With Someone

When a relationship reaches its dead-end, a break up seems to be the best way out. However, putting an end to a relationship is an intimidating task. Whether you are the person breaking the news or at the receiving end, facing the undesired fate of a relationship is agonizing in itself. When you are the one who has to convey the decision of breaking up, you would want to convey the message to your partner without hurting him/her. It is with the aim of helping you out in the task that we have listed a number of tips below. Go through them and learn how to break up with someone, in the best way possible.
Breaking Up With Someone 
  • Plan the place where, and the time when, you want to convey your decision of breaking up. Breaking up with someone in front of your mutual friends or acquaintances will be very humiliating. So, choose a place that offers privacy. It may be your home or a restaurant, which offers private dining facility.
  • Figure out how you want to present the matter to the person. It will be better to initiate the conversation and arrive straight at the matter, without beating around the bush. This way, you will ensure that no time is wasted in building up and finally arriving at the conclusion.
  • Reveal your decision in a pleasant manner. Do not be harsh at him/her. Be polite, while talking to you partner and don't start the blame game. Even aggressiveness shows disrespect to the person at the receiving end. So, remain calm and composed.
  • Be ready for a reaction from the other side. It may be an emotional outburst, anger or tears. Whatever be the reaction, remember that you need to stand firm.
  • You should be ready with your reason for the break up. Tell him/her clearly why you have decided to end the relationship. State all the circumstances that lead to your decision.
  • State your post-break up intentions very clearly - whether you want to put an end to the relationship forever or maintain a casual friendship with your partner.
  • Do not extend the conversation to a long time. It may lead to prolonged arguments, more and more misunderstandings and even a physical attack. Be straight-forward and to-the-point.
  • After you have expressed your decision, as well as the reason behind the same, it is wise to leave the place and allow the person to be alone for sometime.

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