Breaking a bad habit, whether it is minor or life-threatening, is essential and goes a long way in making you a better individual. Go through the article, to get tips on how to break bad habits.

How To Break Bad Habits

Trapped in a bad habit? Want an escape from it? If yes, then you are at the right place. Involuntary actions, which we perform regularly, are what make our habit. Though automatic behaviors, habits are definitely under our control (if we really want them to be). Talking about bad habits, you would be surprised to know that even the most pious of people would tell you they had a bad habit in the past. While some habits take the form of physical addictions, others have simple social habits that make tick people off. Breaking a bad habit is like coming out from a tangle or a web. Remember, it will not be easy to do so, but with dollops of will power, squirts of discipline and loads of patience, you will definitely be able to get rid of a bad habit. In the following lines, we have provided useful tips on how to break bad habits.
Breaking A Bad Habit
The first step to get rid of a bad habit would be to be practical and realize the number of times your bad habit wins over your will. For this, the best bet would be to maintain a journal and note down every time your bad habit gets the better of you. This would help you keep a record of it and also analyze the cause of the same.
The Cause
Now that you have evaluated yourself, it is the time to figure out how the bad habit initiated in the first place. Analyze why did you start the bad habit - Was it peer pressure? Was it depression? Was it just for a 'try'? Was it to be 'in vogue'? Was it an escape from some life condition? Once you get hold of the reason for the action, you would realize that it is not logical and does not make any sense.
Negative Impact
While you have determined the cause of the bad habit, it is the time to focus on the negative repercussions of the same. List the negative impacts and the cost they are charging you. The moment you realize the cost of a bad habit and what it is depriving you of, it would act as a motivation to modify your behavior and get out of the web.
Positives Of Dropping
Once you have realized the negative impacts, it is time to look towards the optimistic side i.e. the advantages of leaving the habit, say you will become a better individual or have enough time to look into important matters, or even start becoming sociable. Weigh the negatives against the positives.  
Remember, you just cannot leave a bad habit and force yourself into doing nothing in its place. There needs to be a replacement of the bad habit, by a good one. Consider the positive ways of meeting the same needs through a good habit and start practicing.   
Being Disciplined
Remember, changes do not just happen. You have to work hard and bring in a lot of discipline in your being, to get over a bad habit. Most of the bad habits provide a person with instant gratification. If yours is such as well, remember, giving into the impulses or being carried away would be extremely easy.
Supporting Role
Do not hesitate to call friends or family members, asking for support. Believe me; they would be more than happy to help you move out of the bad behavior. Just get comfortable and talk to them about your decision. Who knows, they might be able to provide some advice or encouragement that you normally wouldn't get otherwise.
Patience is the key to achieve your resolution. If you fall back to the bad habit, do not pity yourself and say that the habit has got the better of you. Instead, rise up and get back to your healthy behavior. Remember, you can beat the habit. All you need is willpower, discipline and patience!!

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