Taking a break in a relationship can make it or break it. Read the article to explore does taking a break from a relationship work to your expectations or not.

Does Taking A Break From A Relationship Work?

Your long-term relationship seems to have become drab, mundane and burdensome and you are contemplating a ‘break’ from your partner in the hope that this might help to save your relationship. On the surface, a break in a relationship indicates that the couple wants to buy time to think over their issues and take a timeout. On a serious note, this may also portend the end of a relationship. The question, however, is that will the break help to bring the partners together or just indicates that they don’t want to let go of it even when it’s the only option left. Read the article to know does taking a break from a relationship works or not.
Does Taking A Break Help Save A Relationship?
No Quick Fix Solution
It is important for couples to realize that a break in a relationship is not a quick fix solution to all their problems. It is not a substitute to fixing or sorting out the issues in the relationship. If you take a timeout when you are having problems, they will come to haunt you when you meet again. Before you decide that a break is required, discuss your problems and try to find a workable solution. If you then realize that you are not able to take the heat of the moment and want to get out of it for some time, you can take the much needed break.
Thinking It Over Again
While you may take a break from your relationship with the perspective of rejuvenating it, you may also want to think over it again. This can open the can of worms for you. Rethinking may also lead to call it quits, more so, if your relationship has not been long enough. In such cases, break up is a high probability since not much time has been invested on the relationship. In long relationships, rethinking may be healthy for the relationship as the partners know that even as the present times are turbulent, they have given much to the relationship to make it survive for so long.
Reconnecting With Your Individual Self
It is not uncommon to see people loosing their individuality completely and being suffused with the glow of the relationship in the begining. However, as time passes the lost individuality may make attempts to resurface. If this is the reason for the stress and feelings of resentment in your relationship, a break will definitely help to rebuild ties, once you have taken the time to rediscover and reconnect with your individual self. In such cases, break may only work to cement the relationship as the partners tend to realize that they are incomplete without each other.
Know What You Want
There are times when you don’t want to let go of the other person as you have nurtured the relationship and worked hard to ensure the togetherness. Taking a break in this case will help you to determine whether you really want the relationship to continue or you are just holding it too close to your heart for all your contribution to maintain it. A break can actually help you to know whether you really want to save the relationship or not. And if it’s worth it, why not?

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