Most people just don’t know when to call it quits or how to call it quits. Here’s presenting expert guidance that can help you figure out when exactly it’s time to break up.

When Is It Time to Break Up

Love is hard to come by, but love can be confusing, especially when it’s not true love. People who are familiar with the whole concept of dating and relationships will know that it’s really tough to get out of a relationship you’re not interested in. Sometimes however, it’s not getting out of the relationship that is tough, it’s figuring out when exactly to call it quits that make the whole affair leave a sordid aftertaste in your mouth. It’s like people just don’t want to see the truth, or see it and don’t want to accept its harshness. Make a move and read on discover tell-tale signs that will help you know for sure your relationship is headed to the great beyond. You may not want to accept it, you may not even know it, but if you were to just open your eyes and see the light, making decisions on your relationships should be a breeze!

When You Know You Should Break Up 

  • You don’t look forward to spending ‘alone time’ with your partner. When two people first get into a relationship love is in the air and everything seems rosy, but when they get too much of each other, everything goes haywire. When a relationship reaches this stage and you’re almost sick or completely sick of spending time with your lover, it sure is time to call it quits. Feel free to walk right out of the relationship!
  • When you begin to compare your partners to others, you know it’s time to breakup. Most people are guilty of comparing their partners to others, when this is done at a platonic level, it’s absolutely acceptable. However, if the infection gets more chronic and you find yourself obsessed with comparing your partner to another, you know it’s time to break up. You obviously aren’t happy in your relationship.
  • In a relationship, if you are the one doing all the giving, or at least most of it, it sure is time to call it quits. People somehow almost always find themselves trapped in relationships where they end up giving a lot and make more sacrifices than their partner. This is when it’s time to leave, as in walk right out of your partner’s life and maybe into another’s.
  • You probably should break up with your current lover if you realize that you’re more in love with someone else. This may be a little selfish or unfaithful even, but when you know you are in love with another and your feelings are being reciprocated, you may as well make the move. There after all is no point in staying in a relationship that does not provide you with a much needed dosage of good cheer.
  • Everything is fair in love and war, you probably know that. However, if your love more about war and less about love, right out of the door is where you should be headed. It is as good as a relationship gone bad, after all why stay tied down to a relationship that sees more fights than love?
  • The both of you are hardly making love, or have never done so before. This really is one of the biggest tell-tale signs of a relationship that’s almost on the rocks. However, make sure you don’t keep this as that one sign to decide if you should continue the relationship or not.
  • Lastly, if the both of you hardly keep in touch, don’t share secrets and have no clue on what’s going on each other’s lives, you can be rest assured your relationship’s heading nowhere. Here, you don’t even need to think a second time before breaking up with your lover.

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