Do you feel resented and angry when someone criticizes you? Do you feel like changing your critics? With this article, explore the different kinds of criticism.

Types Of Criticism

How often do you find people who accept the bricks thrown at them and still are able to build a strong foundation? Just one or two in hundreds, we assume. All of us are criticized at one time or the other. In fact, if you are one of those highly creative and distinguished people who are committed to excellence, you are bound to be surrounded by countless critics. These criticism generally occur when you consider making excellence your goal, accepting a leadership position, taking a stand, sharing your faith, not compromising on your principles, speaking out or implementing a change. Say, for instance, scientist Ben Franklin was criticized for flying a kite in an electrical storm. Or more recently, President George W. Bush was criticized for declaring a war on Osama Bin Laden by actor Richard Gere. Though these criticisms seem to be needles in a balloon factory finding opportunities for popping your projects and blowing away your new ideas, all that matters is how you use them to achieve success in your personal and professional life. In the following lines, learn some of the different types of criticism.
Different Kinds Of Criticism
Professional Criticism
When we talk about critics, we are simply mentioning professional critics whose job is to write reviews that we generally disagree with. Writing movie reviews or restaurant reviews are a few examples, to name. The basic idea behind writing these reviews is to make the general public believe that they are smarter and better off at evaluating movies, for example, rather than an official critic. This is very true. Consider this. List down some movies and rate them as either ‘good’ or ‘bad’. You won’t be surprised to find that your ratings were almost 100% correct, that is, a movie that you rated good was actually a good one and vice versa. However, a professional critic would have been safe at rating those movies as 50%. Thus, professional critics exist in the market to make you feel superior to their snobbery or crudeness in reviewing lowbrow trash.
Constructive Criticism
Constructive feedback is generally given on books, write ups or projects. For instance, you are writing a novel and you want to know how good or bad it is, and get ideas to give it a better feel. For this, you distribute some copies amongst your friends or post the matter on the internet to get a proper feedback. But, this technique does not help you every time simply because, most often, people misunderstand your work, criticize you immensely, and give you varied suggestions to improve your write-up. However, this is of no use as they are just being jerks. Thus, all you can do is smile at such people politely for the fact that you asked for their feedback without altering your work unless it requires serious changes.
Personal Criticism
Frequently, you are criticized by people for some seriously personal things, such as about you weighing 400 pounds, or your father getting alcoholic. The situation becomes all the more worse when such comments are posted on the internet, rather than face-to-face. This happens because accusers are free to express their feelings on the internet, as all that is being displayed on the screen of the receiver is their username and some words. Nevertheless, the world is full of accusers who make the most of any situation coming along their way to criticize people for being overweight, or smelly, or drunk, while the reality is that these accusers do not even have evidence of such malicious events taking place.
Trolling Criticism
Trolls are those people who make endless attempts to find out what other people care about the most and do nasty things in order to attract attention. Say, for instance, you walk into a Star Trek convention and start spreading amongst people that Star Trek sucks. However, in real life, this is not possible as Star Trek conventioneers can be highly dangerous if you attempt to do such atrocious things. This, generally, takes place on the internet where trolls are highly comfortable in lodging into a Star Trek forum and post awful and unpleasant comments. As such, these trolls are least bothered about you or the subject that you love. All that they care about is themselves and the gratification that they would receive by doing so.

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