Procrastination leads to various problems, like failed tests, gained weight & weakened relationships, so stopping it is necessary. Read on to explore different tips on how to stop procrastinating.

How To Stop Procrastination

One of the biggest problems that people today suffer from is procrastination. They assume that they cannot manage time well and hence, end up doing only little work. Some of them are true procrastinators and do not get any work done. A procrastinator is someone who puts off the work that he/she is supposed to do, for a later time. There are light procrastinators and heavy procrastinators. Light procrastinators procrastinate, but not in case of everything. High procrastinators find it difficult to do even a single task. Read through the following lines to know how you can stop procrastination.
Tips For Stopping Procrastinating
Stop Thinking, Start Doing
It is necessary to plan a little bit to achieve want you want. However, a lot of thinking and planning can result in opposite effects. Do not try to think a lot, to come up with the perfect plan. There is no plan that is foolproof and will lead to no mistakes, no pain or no difficulties. However, as long as you keep working on your plan, you can protect yourself from failures.
Don’t Blow A Task Out Of Proportion
You would not be protecting yourself from pain if you overthink and put off things for later time. You are bound to make mountains out of molehills, this way. It is, thus, better to plan a little and take action on it. Even if you do not have a plan, avoid thinking too much and simply do the task in the way you feel that it will come out the best. Do what you feel is right.
Take The First Step
Any task or project can seem to be impossible if you start looking too far into the future. It is fine to plan for the future, but you need to shift your focus to today and the present moment. Simply take the first step today and you will notice the change in your mental state from resistant to “hey, I’m doing this, cool”. You will become more positive and the subsequent steps will follow on their own.
Start With The Hardest Task
Start your day by doing the most important and toughest tasks, such as making important calls, answering big piles of emails or completing the last pages of your paper. Whatever be the task, just get it out by doing it first. By doing so, you will feel relaxed and relieved for the simpler tasks. The rest of your day will be a lot lighter and easier to get through.
Make A Decision
It is natural to be decisive and take action. Since sitting idle and not taking action is unnatural, it makes you feel bad. Be affirmative on your decision, generate confidence within you and take action. By taking an action over and over again, you would be building self-confidence and a self-image of you being a confident person. While procrastinating, you will be lowering your self esteem and signaling back to yourself that you are a lame and indecisive person.
Face Your Fear
It is hard to face your fear of looking like a fool or making mistakes or take responsibility of your own life. Though easy choices come with a sense of comfort and a certain level of success, they also bring along a vague sense of being unfulfilled and pangs of regret for all things you never dared to do. You always wonder what would have been the result had you taken more chances. Learn to accept that failures do take place occasionally, but you need to overcome them and work towards success once again.
Finish It
Not taking the first step towards accomplishing something can only make you feel bad, but not finishing what you have started can leave you in a sort of negative funk. You are stressed and feel fatigued, but you do not know the reason behind it. So, it is better to complete the tasks and projects that you are currently involved in, no matter how hard they seem. Try finishing them as soon as possible, so that you can start afresh again.

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