Wedding is associated with numerous customs and traditions, many of which people now deem as 'superstitions'. Read on to know more about marriage superstitions.

Wedding Superstitions

The concept of wedding is age old. However, with the passage of time, the way a wedding is conducted has gone a major change. While some of the marriage traditions have been followed as it is, some have been modified and the rest have been abandoned altogether. The last of the three i.e. the customs that have discarded are now termed by many as superstitions. However, there is a still a miniscule percentage of people who believe in them. In the following lines, we have mentioned some age-old wedding customs and traditions, some of which have now been given the name of 'superstitions'.
Wedding Customs & Superstitions 
  • Marrying a man whose surname begins with the same letter as the girl's surname is believed to be unlucky.
  • The bride should not practice writing her new name, with the groom's surname, before the wedding. It is believed to bring bad luck.
  • Marrying on Thursday, Friday and Saturday is not lucky. Friday the 13th is particularly an unlucky day and date for a wedding.
  • A person should not get married in May, while January, February, April, June, September, November and December are the best months for a wedding.
  • A bride should not make her own wedding dress.
  • It is unlucky for the groom to see the bride in her wedding dress before she comes for the wedding ceremony.
  • A bride should never ever wear her complete outfit before the wedding day. She can leave a final stitch to be done on the d-day.
  • A bride should never ever wear black color on her wedding day.
  • The veil of a bride is believed to protect her from the evil spirits, by disguising her.
  • Just before the bride is ready to leave the house for the wedding, she should have one last look at the mirror. It brings good look.
  • A bride should never ever come back after she has left for the wedding ceremony, to look at the mirror, as it is considered very unlucky.
  • Seeing an open grave, a pig, a lizard, a monk or a nun on the way to the wedding is considered a bad omen. Even hearing a cockerel crow after dawn signifies bad luck.
  • Chimney sweeps, lambs, toads, spiders and rainbows are believed to be good luck omens, if seen on the way to wedding.
  • Having snow on the day of marriage is associated with fertility and wealth.
  • Bridesmaids are dressed in a way similar to the bride, in order to confuse the evil spirits and protect her.
  • The first partner, be it husband or wife, who buys a new item after the wedding will dominate the relationship.
  • Cutting of the wedding cake by bride and groom, together, symbolizes their shared future.
  • Before leaving with her husband, after the reception, the bride throws her bouquet back over her shoulder. The unmarried female guest who catches it will be the next to marry.
  • The same way, the groom removes the garter worn by the bride and throws it back over his shoulder, towards the unmarried male guests. The one who catches it is believed to get married next.
  • After the wedding, the groom carries the bride over the threshold, not allowing her to go on foot.
  • After the wedding, the best man pays the church minister's fee. He has to pay the minister an odd sum, to bring luck to the couple.
  • After the wedding, the couple changes into their going-away clothes. At this time, bride has to remove and throw away every pin from her dress and veil. Otherwise, she gets bad luck.

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