The recent surge in the divorce rates in India as well as the world is because of some very common causes (reasons), which the society has failed to recognize.

Common Reasons For Divorce

Divorce, the word that was taboo till sometime back, has today become the easiest solution for people having problems in marital life. Slightest tensions, slightest arguments and married couples are ready to go their separate ways. Till now, people have concentrated on the recent upsurge in the divorce rates in India as well as in the world. However, very few have gone beyond the facts and tried to know what the causes for the surging divorce rates are. In this article, we have tried to assess the common reasons that are becoming the most probable grounds for divorce.
Infidelity has been and will continue to be one of the most common reasons for divorce, be it India or any other country. A marriage is based on trust and the moment either of the partners breaks this trust by indulging in an extra-marital affair, you can be sure that irreparable damage has been done to the relationship. In maximum cases, the best possible way out for the aggrieved partner seems to be divorce.
Nosy Mother-in-law
Though it is said that a mother-in-law is like a second mother to a newly married girl, there are a few females who don’t agree with this. They regard their daughter-in-law to be a threat to their position in the family and fail to recognize that after their son gets married; he needs to give time and attention to his wife also. The result is that intentionally or unintentionally, they create problems between husband and wife, which - if it gets out of control, leads to divorce.
Lack of Adjustments
Due to the newly found financial independence, many females are not ready to adjust with their partners at all. They believe themselves to be equal and, sometimes, even superior to men and are not ready to compromise even the slightest bit. Men have always had an ego and saying sorry doesn’t come naturally to them. Earlier, women were ready to change and bend, which is not the case now. The result is Divorce, even at the slightest of arguments.
Unreasonable Expectations
These days, most of the people are going in for love marriages. They do not realize that things will not remain the same, as they were in the courtship period. Marriage brings with itself many responsibilities. The result is that partners are able to devote less time to their partners and might not be able to remain as patient as before. Slowly and gradually, the relationship starts to deteriorate and leads to divorce. Even in arranged marriages, people expect the honeymoon period to last forever and when it doesn’t, the result is Divorce!
Lack of Physical Intimacy
Another major cause of divorce that is being recognized by the society, but not spoken about openly, is the lack of physical intimacy. In the frenzied pace of city life, people have forgotten to tell their partners how much they love them, either verbally or physically. The dissatisfaction resulting from this, combined with the fact that now men as well as women do not shy away from expressing their needs, is becoming a very common reason of divorce.

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