Proper business communication etiquette is the mantra to achieve success in your work place. With this article, explore effective tips on business communication etiquettes.

Business Communication Etiquettes

Thomas Sowell once said politeness and consideration for others is like investing pennies and getting dollars back. If you want the same to happen to your business enterprise as well, all you need to do is be polite and considerate to your co-workers, supervisors, executives and customers and voila!, the growth graph of your business would soar up, up and up! For building good relations at work, it is very important to follow all the business communication etiquettes. Good mannerism would not only give a good impression of your being, but also help you earn those extra brownie points for your business. And who knows, just by being polite, you might earn rewards in the form of good assignments, raises and even promotions.
Business Communication Etiquette Tips
Telephone Etiquette
Telephone or mobile phone has become an integral part of our lives. Though all of us have adapted to the changing technology, many lack the basic telephone etiquettes. In a business communication that is taking place on phone, the foremost thing is to identify yourself and your business when you call. This would give the other person a basic knowledge of who you are and what is your area of interest. If you are answering the phone, ask the caller as to how you can help him/her. When messages have been interchanged, repeat the information in order to make sure that you have understood it correctly.  
In case the caller is upset with something, it is your duty to remain calm and reassure him/her that things would straighten out and that you would usher your full support. Many a times, there arises a situation when you have to put your caller on hold. In case you are experiencing such a situation, make sure you ask his/her permission. If you are supposed to call back, ensure that you have noted down the number of the caller and confirmed the time of calling. In occasions of transferring the call, make sure that the caller knows name and phone number or extension number of the other person, lest the phone gets disconnected.  
Email Etiquette
Gone are the days when letters were hand written and posted or couriered. In this new age of technology, email is the one of the widely used communication tools. However, before mailing a business letter, make sure that it satisfies all the basic etiquettes. A rule of thumb - business emails are always short, crisp and to the point, with a professional tone in them. This shows respect for the recipient’s time. The subject line is a very important part of the email. Make sure it is descriptive. This would allow the person to know what the email is all about, even before reading it.
In case you are expecting a response within a stipulated time, make sure you mention the same in the email. Business emails are never complete without mentioning the sender’s mobile number. Also, make sure that you mention your full name, title and the name of your company in the email. In case you need to send an attachment, please get prior permission. Though this might sound strange, people often do not download attachment for the fear that it might infect their system with a harmful virus.  
Meeting Etiquette
It is very important to start a meeting at the stipulated time, lest people start cribbing for wasting their time. In a meeting, make sure that everyone is given equal opportunity to speak and it is not a one-sided affair. It is a bad habit to interrupt others, while they are speaking. Finish a meeting with a summary of the discussion that took place. In case no judgment could be reached, schedule another meeting, rather than running overtime. This would show respect for attendees, who might have prior commitments. Lastly, please keep your mobile phones switched off or on a silent mode, lest your phone rings loudly in the middle of the meeting.  
Introduction Etiquette
Business involves meeting new people everyday. As such, introductions play an important role. It is said that ‘first impression is the last impression’. So, you would definitely want to cast a mighty good first impression, as it would not only create a good image for you, but also win you future profits. When you introduce yourself to someone, make sure to pronounce your full name and designation. This would give the other person a brief knowledge about who you are. In case of being introduced to someone, you should always stand up. If you are behind the desk, make sure you step forward. Eye contact and a firm handshake would definitely earn you brownie points. In situations wherein you need to introduce others, make sure you start with people who are highest in the hierarchy.

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