You are in love for a long time and want to say some new romantic things to say to your lover? We bring you the best romantic lines that can set your love life rocking. Read on and take your pick.

Romantic Things To Say To Your Lover

“They do not love that do not show their love. The course of true love never did run smooth. Love is a familiar. Love is a devil. There is no evil angel but Love.” - says the world’s famous poet and dramatist William Shakespeare. It is true that even silence speaks in love. But, occasionally, love has to be expressed in order to keep up the novelty and freshness of the relation. You do not have a set of rules that can show you the right way to say romantic things to your lover. The only rule that is applicable is that the lines should be sincere and come straight from your heart. In this article, we bring you some simple romantic phrases that can make your partner feel special and important in your life. These lines will help you to reaffirm your beloved’s faith in your love and also give a boost to your relation. Read on to explore some romantic things to say to your lover.
Romantic Quotes To Say To Your Lover 
  • The best romantic line till date, which can never grow old, is “I love you”. No matter if you have said this a million of times before, this three-word phrase will still have a magical spell of its own.
  • Everyone loves to hear compliment from his/her lover. You can admire him/her by saying “you look amazing”, at the most unexpected hour. For instance, when you are washing the dishes together or picking up grocery or in the middle of cleaning the clothes, you can flatter your beloved by praising his/her looks.
  • You can make him/her feel good by saying “I don’t know what good I did to get you as my beloved”. This will make your partner feel special and important.
  • Recall your early meetings and first days of your love making. Say “you are the best thing to happen in my life” and you will feel your relationship renewed with unimaginable brightness.
  • In case you have not seen your beloved for some days, remember to say “I miss you”. Even when you have not seen him/her for few hours, tell him/her that you miss him/her. This simple line can give a strong boost to your love life.
  • “I guess you can never know how much I love you” is a simple, but highly emphatic line. This line can make your beloved think of the depth and sincerity of your love for him/her.
  • When you are in the middle of a fight, just say “Come here”. Hold your partner in your arms and you will see all the conflicts disappearing into the air.
  • Give your partner 11 roses and say “I will love you till the last rose dies”. Make sure that the first 10 roses are real, while the last one is an artificial one. This is very exciting and sweet way to express your love.
  • “I feel so secure in your arms” will make your beloved feel protective towards you. However, this line suits a woman, more than a man. He can say something like ‘I forget all the tensions of the world, when I am in your arms’.
  • When you are holding your beloved in your arms, whisper into his or her ears “I can hold you like this forever”. You will find him/her coming all the more closer to you.
  • Introduce your lover to your friends by saying “Meet the essence/love of my life” and then quietly whisper into his/her ear “I mean it”. 

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