When your relationship holds no peace, know that it is time to leave your lover. Read below to learn the different ways in which you can leave your lover.

Ways To Leave Your Lover

“Love begins with a smile, grows with a kiss, and ends with a teardrop”. This quote aptly sums up the phases that occur between love and breakup. Nowadays, the distance between love and breakup is not even a mile. People are leaving their lover as easily as they are falling in love. These blink-and-miss love affairs do not really need any effort for the partners to leave each other. Also, such people do not even miss leaving their lover. But for those who have years of relationship behind them, and those who have committed to stay with their lover forever, breaking up is an infinitely tough call to make. On one hand, staying in the relationship is sheer torture; on the other hand, they have to summon enormous will power just to make up their mind to leave their lover. Perhaps there is no torture more brutal than faded love, where one has to constantly pretend being in love. Slowly, but surely this affects all that both the partner held dear - past memories, moments together, special occasions, everything. In case you too are in a similar state, fighting hard to keep the magic alive, know that a lost battle is lost and can never be won. In case you have tried all measures to kick start your relationship once again, but have had dismaying results, then know that it is time that you leave your lover. To help you in this, we have given below various ways in which you can leave your lover.  
How To Leave Your Lover
  • The best is, of course, to be honest and direct, though many people don’t have the guts for it. Tell your lover yourself why you want a break up. A little fear is natural, but don’t let it stop you from pointing out the reasons as to why you want to end the relationship and leave your lover.
  • You can ask a mutual friend to tell your lover that the relation is going nowhere, so it is better if both go separate ways. This can also act as a feeler, so that you don’t have to explain much when you meet your lover for the last time.
  • Be determined if you want to really leave your lover. Any sign of indecision will prove detrimental to your endeavor. Be firm, but yet keep your presence of mind and tact. Stay away from elaborate explanations and refrain from insulting and quarrelling.
  • Don’t adopt short cut methods. These are often more messy and sometimes can get out of hand. Moreover, your lover may feel betrayed and harbor hatred for you.
  • Don’t try to be too nice, but at the same time don’t show arrogance. If you are too nice then your lover may think that you are not sure of your decision and maybe, somebody else is forcing you.
  • Let your lover vent his/her grief over you. You should have sympathy with your lover and realize that it is not an easy thing to bear. When your lover vents his/her grief over you, then it will be easier to cope up later.
  • You should talk to your lover about leaving in a partially public place like a park. This will leave you with an escape route. You can also do this at a restaurant. However, take care not to breakup in places and in the company of people whom you have to meet regularly.
  • If possible, shift your location. Go far away from your lover so that there is very less chance of both of you bumping into each other. You can also change your phone number, so that there is no chance of your lover contacting you.

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