One of the most influential languages of the world, French is continuously gaining immense popularity. Explore the article to know the importance/benefits of learning French language.

Importance Of French

How many of you know that French is the second most taught foreign language throughout the world after English? Apart from English, French is the only other international language spoken across five continents. Likewise presently, English and French are the only two global languages. Thus, the fact that as many as 28 countries have French as their official language is sufficient to state its importance across the globe. Furthermore, various international organizations, such as United Nations, International Olympic Committee, International Red Cross Association and UNESCO consider French as an official working language besides English. Check out other reasons that contribute towards making French as an important language to learn in the lines that follow.
Benefits Of Learning French Language
While Traveling Worldwide
If you can speak French, you will love traveling even more. French, being spoken across five continents - North America, South America, Europe, Africa and Asia, is one of the most widely recognized languages. Even major tourist destinations consider French as their national language, some being France, Canada, Belgium, and Switzerland. Other countries like Morocco, Monaco, and Egypt are a few members among the 56 listed on the International Organization of French-speaking countries.
Better Cultural Understanding
Learning a foreign language largely helps you to get familiar with some of the cultural understandings of that country. Culture forms the basis of a language, thus, by learning the language, you get a brief idea of that country’s culture. Becoming multicultural will help you be in touch with the events occurring across the world. For example, read French classic poems by Jean de la Fontaine and Stephane Mallarme, French tragedies by Racine, or comedies by Moliere takes you back to the times of the Gallic culture.
For Better Business Opportunities
French language is highly useful in overseas business, in both manufacturing and services. Various French products, including beverages like wine and liquors, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and nuclear reactors are exported to numerous countries across the world.
Expressions In English
English language has adopted many French words and expressions that are widely used in everyday living. Second to English, French is the largest studied language. Words like “au jus” and “à la mode” are some commonly used food and cooking terms. Similarly, “art nouveau” and “art deco” are used in design, “cinéma noir” and “cinema vérité” in films, and “décolleté” and “chic” in fashion.
French In ‘Romance’
Interestingly, French is regarded as the ‘language of love’, simply because of its attractive appeal that makes you want to hear more and more every time it is spoken, even if you do not know the language. Spoken extensively in various countries, French plays a vital role in touching the sex appeal of a person, especially the opposite sex. Men and women are more likely to be attracted towards a partner who can speak French fluently.

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