For the senior citizens, the best way to pass the free time is to remain engaged in a recreational activity. Explore the article to get some ideas on recreational activities for the elderly.

Recreational Activities For The Elderly

Old age is often referred to as the 'second childhood'. During old age, most of the people tend to behave like a small child, becoming stubborn and not listening to what others say. This might be because of the fact that majority of the people incur the problem of brain shrinkage, as they grow older. Therefore, you need to give the senior citizens special care and attention and treat them just like your little ones. Keeping them busy in recreational activities is a good idea, to fill the void that comes along with retirement and old age. With the article, you will know the best recreational activities for the elderly.
Recreational Activity Ideas For Senior Citizens 
  • Enroll the person in a club that organizes activities involving the active participation of volunteers. If the club organizes rehab and health camps, hobby classes or competitions, it will be the best option for the elderly person, who wants to pass his free time in a productive way.
  • A fun way to keep a senior citizen busy for the maximum time is to arrange arts and crafts competitions. If your residential association organizes cultural activities and day trips, be sure to get the elderly person to take part in them. It will definitely rejuvenate his/her spirit.
  • Dedicated volunteering in schools, colleges and local community centers can help the senior citizens attain self-satisfaction that they have rendered service during the post-retirement period, without sitting idle.
  • To kill the boredom, arrange easy and fun games for the elderly person, when you are spending time with him/her. This could be as simple as the good old 'passing the parcel' game. Ask the little ones in your family, to play with their grandpa/grandma for sometime.
  • If an elderly person has inclination towards some kind of activity, be sure to address it. For instance, if he/she is interested in taking photographs, provide him/her with a camera. Take him/her to the places where he/she can click nice pictures.
  • Reading books is something that the majority of senior citizens like to do, after retirement. Purchase some books for them. You may present a library membership to them as well, so that they get the supply of their favorite books all through the year.
  • Fishing is a great stress buster. Accompany your elderly family members for fishing. It will be a nice way to spend a laid-back holiday, having fun with them.
  • Give food to their brain - organize mental exercises, like puzzles, for the senior citizens. You can also get some printed brain teasers, like sudoku and crossword puzzles.

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