Do you wish to know some facts about the longest rivers in the world ? If yes, then read on to learn more about the worlds longest rivers.

Longest Rivers In The World

Rivers have been keys to the growth of many ancient civilizations. While the river Indus was instrumental in shaping the Indus valley civilization, the river Nile was key to the survival of the Egyptian civilization. Rivers have long been a source of inspiration for poets, writers, and artists. Rivers around the world have witnessed the rise and fall of empires and the evolution of different human civilizations and settlements. Rivers have not only contributed to the growth of civilizations, but have many times also caused the destruction of many settlements and ancient cultures. The Yellow River, a river in China, was popularly known as “the cradle of Chinese civilization” but its frequent devastating floods has also earned it the name of ‘China’s Sorrow”. Talking of rivers, have you wondered what some of the longest rivers in the world are? If you wish to learn some fascinating facts about the world’s longest rivers, here is some quick information for you.

World's Longest Rivers

Nile River
The Nile River, located in Africa, is the longest river in the world. This river is 6,650 kilometers long and runs through different countries of Africa before it meets the Mediterranean Sea where it forms a huge delta. The river has played an important role in the fashioning and survival of the Egyptian civilization. The fertile banks of the Nile are ideal for human habitation and development. The two major tributaries of River Nile are the White Nile and the Blue Nile. While the White Nile has its source in Rwanda, the Blue Nile originates in Ethiopia. Both the tributaries meet the main river in Khartoum, Sudan.

Amazon River
Located in South America, this is the second largest river in the world and is 6,400 kilometers long. The river has the largest river drainage basin and is home to the famous Amazon Rain Forest.

Yangtze River
Also known as the Chang Jiang River, this is the longest river in Asia and the third largest in the world. The length of the river is 6,300 kilometers and has its origin in the Qinghai Province of China. This river flows eastward into the East China Sea at Shanghai.

Mississippi Missouri River System
Located in North America, it is the fourth longest river system on planet earth. The Mississippi river joins the Missouri River and stretches for 6, 275 kilometers. The Mississippi river has its source in Lake Itasca and runs through 10 different states in the US.

Rio de la Plata-Parana
Rio de la Plata – Parana located in South America is another long river. The river is 6,170 kilometers long.

Yenisei-Angara-Selenga Rivers
This river system is 5, 539 kilometers long and is the greatest river system that flows into the Arctic Ocean. The river system has its origin in Mongolia and flows through a major part of Siberia, Russia.

Huang He
Also known as 'Yellow River', it is the major river in China. The river is 5,464 kilometers long.

Ob – Irtysh Rivers
The Ob River is one of the major rivers in Siberia, Russia. The river is 5,410 kilometers long and has longest estuary in the world.

Congo River
The Congo River also known as Zaire River is the deepest river in the world located in Africa. The river is 4,700 kilometers long and is also the second largest river in the world in terms of volume of water discharged.

Other Major Rivers In The World

  • Amur-Argun (4,444 kilometers)
  • Lena (4,400 kilometers)
  • Mekong (4,350 kilometers)
  • Mackenzie – Peace – Finlay (4,241 kilometers)
  • Niger (4,200 kilometers)

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