Did you know that every continent on earth has a mountain of its own? To know more on world’s highest mountains, surf through this list and brush up your geographical wits.

World's Highest Mountains

Whether you love to lounge on the sea-sprayed shores or loaf around the gentle meadows, nothing can give you a better high than sloping down a snowcapped peak on a downhill expedition or a hundred miles of hiking trail on the Mt. Everest. Whether you love to hike, ski, golf or just fool around with snow bunnies, mountains are the place to go! Ask any slope lover and he will tell you what fun it is to track down the steep and bumps or trail down the gorges and canyons to experience the grandeur of this vertical drops. Mountains have stood as the symbol of great pride and delight for every nation, and have wooed generations of aficionados who have just marveled at its majesticity and splendor. If you are a true blue mountain freak or just fascinated by these gargantuan heaps of snowcapped rocks, then skiing down through this list of world’s highest mountain should leave you on a high. To know more on the highest mountains of the world, scroll down.
List Of World’s Highest Mountains
Mount Everest (Asia)
Mount Everest, the highest of the world's mountains and every hitchhiker’s paradise, till date remains undisputed in it colossal magnificence and “isolated supremacy”. Perched on the borders of Nepal and Tibet, these splendid snowcapped rocks, which rests 8,848 meters tall above the sea level, stands as the account of unparalleled feat of Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay, who created history by becoming the first men in the world, to tread the summit of Everest, back in the year 1953.
K2 (Asia)
K2 peak, also known as, ‘The Savage Mountain”, isn’t just the second most highest mountain in the world but also the world’s most dangerous. Situated on the Karakoram range, this massive mountain, which stands 8,611 meters above the sea level, is apparently one of the toughest peaks in the world to mount, with its steep terrain, inclement weather and foxy routes adding to the expeditioners’ woe.
Kangchenjunga (Asia)
The very spectacular and massive Kangchenjunga (8,586m), often deemed as the queen of mountains, ranks third among the world’s highest mountains, and is one of the few peaks in the world to remain unconquered so far. Kangchenjunga meaning “The Five Treasures of Snows” is situated on the fringes of Nepal and India and boasts of a wide range of ecological zones, right from the glacial wilderness to subtropical lands.
Highest Mountains in Descending Order
  • Lhotse (8516m)       
  • Makalu (8485m)                  
  • Cho Oyu (8201m)               
  • Dhaulagiri (8167m)            
  • Manaslu (8163m)    
  • Nanga Parbat (8126m)      
  • Annapurna (8091m)                       
  • Gasherbrum I (8080m)                   
  • Broad Peak (8051m)          
  • Gasherbrum II (8034m)      
Other Interesting Facts
Highest Mountain in the World (and Asia) - Mt Everest (8850 meters
Highest Mountain in Africa - Mt Kilimanjaro (5985m)
Highest Mountain in Antarctica - Vinson Massif (4897m)
Highest Mountain in Australia - Mt Kosciusko (2228m)
Highest Mountain in North America – Mt. McKinley  (6195m)
Highest Mountain in South America – Aconcagua (6960m)
Highest Mountain in Europe - Mt Elbrus (5642m)

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