Do you feel your man is taking you for granted and your relationship is going downhill? Check out this article to find some tips on keeping your guy interested and attracted towards you.

How To Keep Your Man Interested

Finding love isn’t difficult at all. What gets harder is to keep it alive. And when you have a life to live, things get all the more difficult. Have you ever wondered why some women are considered dispensable just like candy wrappers and why some are able to keep their men just like a puppy on leash? That’s life, or more precisely, love! Women always want to be the one and only love of their men. However, in the process to attain that most of them end up doing annoying acts that frustrate the guys. Result, the man is no more interested in his woman and starts drifting away from her, which proves to be a potent risk for the relationship. However, with a little bit of action and work, you can keep your man interested in you and only you, forever. Discover different tips for keeping your guy attracted towards you. Take a look!
Keeping Your Man Interested
Always Look Your Best!
No matter how long your relationship is, men always like women who keep themselves on the go. The moment you fail to maintain yourself, both physically and emotionally, your man is sure to drift his interest elsewhere. Just because you have the love of your life, it does not mean that you start losing interest in yourself. No matter how big, little, flat, bumpy, or skinny you are, be at your best whenever he is with you. Dress yourself well, wear a little make-up, put on his favorite perfume, and be the queen of his heart. But make sure that you do not overdo yourself. Just a little effort on your part is sufficient to get his eyes over you. Further, do not always boss him or shout over him on issues. Remember, a patient listener makes a good partner.
Add More Spice To Your Sex Life!
Yes, you have read it right. To keep the relationship alive, fresh and kicking, a man and woman need more sex. Though women admire emotional pleasure than physical, men always like it the other way round. Hence, if you are all set to keep your man interested in you and are ready to turn any stone, add more love and spice to your sex life. Do some ‘role playing’, experiment with different positions, allow him to reveal his sex fantasies, and support him in turning them into reality. Do everything that pleases him.
Give Him The Space!
It is natural for a woman to know everything about her man. As such, most women keep on nagging their husbands to get the information. But, remember, constant nagging and hooking has no place in a healthy relationship. The more you will try to catch on him, the more he will recede from you. Give your guy the needed space, rather than being an overtly possessive, shouting inspector. The latter will only put your relationship into trouble. After all, you wouldn’t want your guy to suffocate and get tired of you, right!
Extend Your Endless Support And Encouragement!
One of the best ways to keep your guy hooked on you is to be the woman behind his success. Remember the famous adage “Every successful man has a woman behind him”. Wouldn’t you want to become a reason for his success and growth? In this modern world, men are constantly dealing with pressures from work, friends, personal issues and family matters. With your constant and healthy appreciation and emotional support, he would feel at ease. Talk to him emphasizing on both of your views and indulge in a healthy criticism rather than simply shrugging him away.
Keep The Blame Game Aside!
Each relationship has its own ups and downs. Small arguments and fights are acceptable, but when they become uncontrollable, then you ought to analyze your relationship all over again. Blaming one another only worsens the situations. Remember, once those atrocious words are out of your mouth, you cannot take them back. Though you might apologize for your misbehavior, but somewhere down the heart, you have created a chancy place for yourself. Hence, the more you can avoid fights, the better your relationship will be. Sort out the problems with patience, calmness, and content.

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