Do you want to know about the different types of aromatherapy oil burners? If yes, explore this article to learn more.

Aromatherapy Oil Burners

Why shell out thousands of rupees visiting expensive spas and health centres in order to get few moments of relaxation when you can get the same experience now at home? After a long tiring day at work, who wouldn’t like to relax and soothe their body and mind in the atmosphere full of vaporized essential oils and herbs? Nothing can be compared to the experience of spending some time in a room filled with the aroma of healing and sweet-smelling oils and herbs used for aromatherapy. You will be surprised to learn how effective the vapour will prove to be as it spreads across the room. You will feel your tiredness and stress seeping out of our body as and when you inhale the fragrance. You can make use of aromatherapy burners that are available in different designs and shapes in the market. Aromatherapy burners are devices that use heat to release a plant, oil or herb’s medicinal properties, which if inhaled can have a soothing and positive effect on your body and mind. Read on further to learn about different aromatherapy oil burners in the sections to follow.

Oil Burners For Aromatherapy 

Conduction Vaporizers
Conduction vaporizers are those that heat up the herb directly with the help of a hot device. Conduction vaporizers are also known as soldering iron vaporizers because the heating element inside them appears to be a stick. In order to start vaporizing, the herbs and oils are placed inside the bowl and are exposed to heat. However, these kinds of vaporizers are considered to be of inferior quality because the herb does not get heated equally. Only the part that is in direct contact of the conducting device gets heated leaving the other part unused.

Convection Vaporizers
Convention vaporizers have a totally different mechanism than conduction vaporizers. The herb in this kind of vaporizer is heated through the hot air that is made to flow through it. These are considered to be better than conduction vaporizers since the heat flows throughout the herb, causing every part of the herb to heat consistently and equally. Till the time the steam flows through the herb, essential oils vaporize and the device continues to give out vapour. However, this device also has its own drawbacks and is also comparatively expensive due to its design.

Ceramic Burners
Ceramic oil burners are made out of ceramic and are usually in the shape of a jar. The herbs in this burner are burned with the help of a candle. This burner is hollow in the middle and this is where the heat source is inserted to heat up the herbs.

Electric Vaporisers
An electric vaporizer provides a clean and effective way of spreading fragrance in your home or work place. You can leave the vaporizer under the flame even while sleeping because there is no naked flame that this burner produces, thus making it safe to use. These kinds of vaporizer are also safe for homes with children.

Aromatherapy Inhaler
An aromatherapy inhaler is a high quality aromatherapy diffuser that is available in different colours. This diffuser is user friendly and can be carried along in one’s bags or purse because of its suitable size and design. It can dismantled into 4 pieces that will also help in effective filling.

Diffuser For Tea Candle
You can opt for diffusers using agate slabs as a base if you wish to have a unique aromatherapy diffuser. These diffusers are economical and set the stage for complete relaxation. It creates a slow and long lasting diffusion for one to enjoy its effects for a long time.

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