The scapular region is the foundation of shoulder strength. Read below to know the various scapula exercises.

Scapula Exercises

In simple terms, scapula is the shoulder bone, which connects the arm bone and the collar bone. Located at the back of the shoulder, this is unlike any other bone, as it is flat and triangular shaped. You can feel this bone when you squeeze the shoulders backwards. The scapula, placed as it is in such a strategic position, provides stability and strength not only to the shoulders and arms, but also to the neck muscles and spinal cords. The scapular muscles perform a variety of movements like elevation, depression, protraction, retraction, lateral rotation, medial rotation, upward rotation, downward rotation, anterior tipping, and posterior tipping. As such, they must be kept in top condition. You must have guessed by now why gym instructors stress so much on shoulder exercises. Developing the muscle mass in the scapular region is a very important criteria for body builders. Even if you are not a body builder, it does not take much probing to understand that everyone requires strong scapular muscles. And for that there are various exercises that concentrate on working-out the muscles and tissues in this region. If you are looking to try out these exercises, then read further for more information on how you can do so.
Scapula Muscle Exercises
Exercise - 1
Stand straight and position the arms at the side. Then move the shoulders forward and then roll them up and then backwards. Then squeeze the shoulder blades together and pull the shoulders downwards. Roll the shoulders at least five times and then roll again in the opposite direction five times. Make sure that you move the shoulders in a slow circular motion. In this exercise, you can also hold dumbbells while rolling the shoulders. Gradually increase the number of sets to attain maximum flexibility.
Exercise - 2
Sit down on a straight backed chair. Draw the shoulders deep and back. Bend the elbows to 90° and while squeezing the shoulder blades together, pull the elbows back. Hold that position for ten seconds and then release. Repeat at least three times.
Exercise - 3
Stand in front of a wall at least twenty inches away from the wall. Now place your hands on the wall. Keep the hands on the wall at shoulder level. Now, lower your body forward slowly by bending the elbows and then go back to the starting position by straightening the shoulders. This is like doing pushups against a wall.
Exercise - 4
Lie flat on your back and raise both the arms straight. Go on lifting the arms higher, until the shoulder blades are off the ground. Then bring down the arms, so that the shoulder blades touch the floor. Repeat at least ten times. You can also hold a dumbbell and do this exercise.
Exercise - 5
Hold a dumbbell in one hand and place the other hand on the thigh corresponding it. Now, raise the hand holding the dumbbell to the shoulder level. Bend the elbows to 90° so that the dumbbell points towards the ceiling. Rotate the shoulder so that the dumbbell points towards the floor and then bring back to the original position. Repeat ten times and then do so with the other hand.
Exercise - 6
Stand with the back firmly straight. Hold a dumbbell in both the hands and place the feet at a shoulder width distance. Position the hands towards the side of the body so that the dumbbell touches the thigh. Now pull the shoulders up as if trying to touch the ears. Try to pull the shoulders up as much as you can and then hold the position for a few seconds. Then, return to the original position. Repeat ten times.

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