This article on arm exercises describes bicep and tricep workouts for best & overall arms toning & development.

Arms Exercises

Toning the arms is an integral part of the complete body toning exercise all serious gymmers, both men and women, undertake whilst gymming for attaining that enviously fabulous and fit body. Normally people give special emphasis on defining the biceps and triceps muscles when exercising their arms. Bicep muscle is one at the front of the upper arm, whereas the triceps muscle is the one located at the back of the upper one. While most men gym workout to develop bulging biceps like that of actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, women normally prefer subtly defined arms.
Given below are some basic arm exercises people do for their overall arm development.
Standing Barbell Curl / EZY Bar
One can choose to do this particular arm exercise with either a straight bar or an ezy bar. It is one effective mass building exercise for the biceps. So you are supposed to stand with your feet on the ground shoulder width apart and hold the bar with an underhand clasp. Make sure that hands are also about shoulder width away from each other. Now steadily and slowly curl the bar upwards concentrating on the contraction of biceps.
Take care not to swing or employ momentum to curl, mainly during the later juncture when your biceps seem to get weaker. Do not swing or move body, but only your arms. Elbows should be kept positioned at the body sides and do not pivot them. Lower the weight taking about three to four seconds, all the time resisting the weight on the way down. Do not curl or bend your wrist that must be always positioned straight.
Incline Dumbbell Curls
This particular arm exercise and workout will target numerous fibre in your biceps and will prove effective in developing that ultimate bicep look. So position yourself on an inclined bench clutching a dumbbell in both the hands for this, curl the weight steadily and slowly upwards and towards the level of the shoulder and keep the elbows well forward through the complete movement. Then you are supposed to squeeze your biceps hard at the top position. Now again lower the weights in the same manner with full concentration on the workout. The speed and techniques are akin to what was instructed before.
Cable Tricep Pressdown
You are supposed to stand at the cable tricep pressdown machine with your knees a little bent. Now hold the bar with your palms turned downwards in such a way that your forearms will almost touch your biceps in this posture. Now push the bar down in a movement depicting a half-circle towards the front of your thighs. Remember to keep the elbows positioned at the sides at all times during this particular arms exercise for defining the triceps.  
Skull Crushers / Lying Tricep Extension

For this particular tricep defining arms workout, you are supposed to lie straight on your back on a bench along with a barbell or EZ-Curl Bar. With the narrow overhand grip, push the bar to the complete arms length over your chest. Now as carefully you need to reverse / lower the bar towards the direction of your forehead by bending your arms at the elbows. Remember that your upper arm should remain still and vertical the entire duration. Again return to the initial posture by extending your arms.

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