Dental Flippers actually prove to be the cheapest way to replace missing tooth. Get more information about Dental Flipper in this article.

Dental Flippers

Missing tooth is the worst nightmare to think of. Many people have to get their tooth removed owing to extensive cavities, gum disease and injuries. And Dentists usually come up with three options to replace one or more tooth, such as a bridge, an implant, or a detachable partial denture. Though a bridge or implants are possibly more comfortable and appear better than a detachable partial denture, they cost amazingly high and perhaps every patient cannot afford them. A removable partial denture, or commonly called Dental Flipper, proves to be the best available choice in some cases. 
In fact, a dental flipper is a cheap and easy way to replace a missing tooth. It is frequently used as a temporary tooth replacement for the time you wait for a dental bridge. Made out of acrylic, dental flipper is essentially prepared by taking mouth impression through a plaster cast. This cast is then sent to a laboratory along with a prescribed shade of the tooth. An acrylic tooth that closely matches the prescribed shade is selected and attached to a pink palate which is shaped to fit the patient’s palate, whether upper or lower.
To keep the dental flipper in place, metal clasps (hook-like structures) are attached to the palate for some extra cost. Though a dental flipper is intended to be provisional, many people use them for years. The good part is people easily get used to dental flipper as it is very light in weight. It has not been found healthy for the gums because of the pressure it put on the gums. At times, it could be difficult for people to eat while wearing flipper and might have to take it out for meals. Dental flippers are also prone to fractures. So, before going for any option to replace missing tooth, it is always preferred to consult the Dentist.

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