Itchy scalp is one of the most irritating and embarrassing situations one can go through. For curing an itchy scalp, make use of the home remedies and homemade treatments given below.

Itchy Scalp

Everyone wants to have hair that is soft, silky and lustrous. For a person, one of the worst nightmares is having an itchy scalp. It is not only a great source of irritation, but also causes embarrassment. It looks very disgusting to constantly scratch your head. Some of the major reasons for an itchy scalp are allergy to some hair product, dandruff, dryness, lice, dirty hair and diseases like psoriasis. In case of diseases, you will have to consult a doctor and take medication. In case of other reasons, you can go for homemade treatments too. In the following lines, we have provided some home remedy for itchy scalp.
Home Remedies for Itchy Scalp 
  • An itchy scalp might be because of dryness. In such a case, you should apply warm oil (you can use olive oil too) on your scalp, in the evening before shampooing and leave it overnight. You can also apply a thick coat of mayonnaise on your hair, leave for sometime and then shampoo. Make sure to use a conditioner afterwards.
  • One of the most common reasons for an itchy scalp comprises of dirty hair. The dirt leads to blocking of pores and building up of oils. Make sure to wash your hair atleast twice a week and in case they get too dirty, try shampooing on alternate days.
  • Some hair products do not suit your scalp and cause allergic reaction, including an itchy scalp. In such a case, try discontinuing the newest product you have started using. You can also change your routine, discontinuing the hair products one by one. You will come to know which product is causing trouble. Stop using it at once.
  • At times, things like hair dyes, colors and gels (which include chemicals) lead to an itchy scalp. Before using such a product, it is better to first test it. This will help you in avoiding any negative reactions later on.
  • Check your hair for dandruff. If you happen to be suffering from it, use a shampoo and conditioner especially made for dandruff-affected hair. You can also put some lemon juice in oil and apply it on your scalp overnight. Wash your hair the next morning.
  • If you have been roaming too much in the sun, check your scalp for sunburn. Even sunburn might lead to itchy scalp at times. If you happen to be affected by it, visit a dermatologist. Next time, wear a cap or scarf before going out in the sun.
  • Check whether you have lice in your hair. If the answer is yes, first get your hair as well as your scalp cleaned immediately. Use medicated shampoos and other treatments available in the market, on the advice of your doctor or chemist.
  • If your itchy scalp is for any other reason or is not getting better after following the above-mentioned treatment for a long time, it is better to consult a dermatologist. It might be possible that you are suffering from some major ailment.

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