This section is a guide to various types of psychological disorders. Check out information on symptoms, causes & possible treatment of different disorders.
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Characteristics Of Dyslexia

Dyslexia is a genetic learning disability, mainly caused due to the failure of brain in processing certain symbols. Read on to know more about dyslexia, its characteristics and symptoms.

Night Eating Syndrome

Have you ever heard of night eating syndrome? Read on to know about this unique and emerging disorder. Also, know more about its causes and symptoms.

How To Deal With Panic Attack

How to deal with a panic attack seems like just a question but the moment panic seizes, it becomes the only question in the world that matters. Read on to know how to cope with a panic attack better.

Phobia Of Heights

Is standing on the edge of a cliff one of your biggest nightmares? If so, you probably suffer from Acrophobia. Read this article to learn more about this universal phobia.

Autism Treatment

Looking for alternative cures for autism? If yes, scroll down this write-up, explore the options on treatment for autism, and help your child grow up in a better way.

Negativistic Personality Disorder

It is quite a pickle to deal with people who won’t foster any help suggested by you, but will get you blamed instead. Read this article about dealing with a negativistic personality disorder.

Reactive Attachment Disorder

If your child has trust issues, behaves unreasonably with frequent outbursts and you feel he/she is emotionally detached, then check out if he/she has reactive attachment disorder.

Panic Disorder Symptoms

Are you looking for an awareness guide to spot panic disorder symptoms? Continue to read and explore some specific panic anxiety disorder symptoms. Maybe you can help yourself or people around you!

Anxiety In Children

Anxiety in children can lead to a huge emotional impact. Read this article to find the major causes of anxiety in children!

Bipolar Mood Disorder

Bipolar mood disorder is another term for manic depressive illness. Continue reading to find the common mood disorder symptoms.

Anorexia Facts

Anorexia might seem harmless, but if left untreated it can lead to serious consequences in the long run. Investigate this article to learn about the different facts about anorexia.

Bulimia Side Effects

Bulimia isn’t just physically devastating but can also have ghastly influence on one’s psychological health. Run down the following write-up on side effects of bulimia to know more on this.

What Causes Night Terrors

Night terrors are sleep disorders that occur when a person wakes up all of a sudden in fright! Read your way through this article for an insight into the causes of night terrors.

Separation Anxiety Disorder

Separation anxiety disorder is quite common in kids. Read below to get detailed information on the causes, symptoms and treatment of separation anxiety disorder.

Psychotic Depression Symptoms

Psychotic depression is a lethal combination of psychosis and depression. Read below to learn more on signs & symptoms of psychotic depression.

Asperger Symptoms

Is your child experiencing behavioural changes? If yes, find out whether he/she is suffering from aspergers disorder by going through disorder’s symptoms in this write up.

Characteristics Of A Sociopath

Sociopath can be best described as a human parasite. Read below to know the characteristics of a sociopath.

Most Common Phobias

A phobias is nothing but an irrational fear of something. Explore this article to learn more Read about the most common phobias that affect people.

Sadistic Personality Disorder

A sadistic person displays traits of humiliation and assault in order to seek control over another person. Explore the article to know the different characteristics of a sadistic personality disorder.

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