Running and jogging is one of the oldest and popular forms of exercises. Find out information on benefits and basics of running and jogging.

How To Train For A Marathon From Scratch

Do not opt for a half-marathon in the upcoming race just because you won’t be able to complete it. With these simple tips, learn how to train for a marathon from scratch.

Tips For Running

Irrespective of whether you are a beginner or a professional, you need to take care of certain basic things while running. To know them, go through the best running tips for runners, in this article.

Treadmill Vs Running Outside

Have you ever wondered whether you’d be stronger by running outside instead of on the treadmill, or vice versa? Read this article and clear all those doubts!

Chest Pain While Running

Do you want to know the causes of chest pain while running? If yes, navigate through this piece to get to know the causes of chest pain while running.

How To Breathe When Running

Wish to run a marathon, but afraid of post-run stress? Try these breathing techniques for running and gallop away to the finishing line without exhausting yourself.

How To Increase Running Speed

Did you always fantasize running as fast as P.T. Usha, but sadly, never managed? Increasing running speed demands lot of precision & dedication. Know how to increase running speed with this article.

Jogging To Lose Weight

Want to get rid of the bulges and flabs? Go for jogging and watch yourself come back in shape. With this article, explore some effective jogging tips for weight loss.

How To Run A Marathon

Running a marathon involves a lot of energy, enthusiasm and stamina. You should have proper knowledge of how to run a marathon before participating. Find details of the same in this article.

Jogging Vs Running

Looking forward to indulge in a fitness regimen? Confused as to which is better: jogging or running? Stop the battle of jogging vs running and learn the difference between the two.

Proper Running Technique

Make the most out of running by following the proper running techniques. Scan through this article to find some helpful tips on how to run right and empower your foot strike!

What To Eat Before Running

You’ve made endless efforts but have always failed to come to a correct running program? Find out the best pre-run meals to dig into before taking that major mile run.

Stretching Exercises For Runners

Stretching exercises improve the flexibility and endurance of muscles which no runner can ignore. Read the article given below to learn more on stretching exercises for runners.

How To Do Aquatic Jogging

Indulge in water jogging and help your body recover from various injuries and pains. Read on to get tips on how to do aquatic jogging and tone up your muscles, in a relaxing manner.

Running Tips For New Runners

Running can keep both the body and mind healthy. But becoming a runner needs preparation. Given here are some tips for those just starting on this wonder exercise.

Speed Walking Vs Jogging

Whether to walk fast or run slow is a decision better left to oneself. Speed walking Vs jogging has been constantly at war with each other. With this article, explore the difference between the two.

Water Jogging

Water jogging is the best way to beat the summer heat. It also serves as a perfect viable alternative to stay in shape. Read the article below to know how to water jog.

Benefits Of Jogging

Get up and get started and jog yourself to health. In case you are wondering what are the main physical and mental benefits of jogging, read on.

Effective Stretches For Running

Running is best when the muscles are loosened up. Check out information on stretching exercises to do before running.

Cross Country Running Tips

Decided to go on a cross-country run? Follow these tips to enjoy your run, even if you don’t win.

Strength Training For Runners

Strength training can drastically improve your running performance. Read on to know more about strength training for runners.

How To Run Faster

Do you want to be a thunderbolt on the sprint track? Explore the article given below to know how to run faster.

Jogging Tips For Beginners

Beginners can benefit a lot if they have some handy tips to start jogging. Read on to know some simple jogging tips for beginners.

Common Running Injuries

Common running injuries affect hips, thighs, knees, legs, ankles and feet and can be quite painful. Explore the article to know what are the common injuries in runners.

Psychological Benefits Of Running

The psychological benefits of running can directly rival the physical benefits it gives. Read the article to know about the mental benefits of running.

How To Choose Running Shorts

Buying a perfect pair of running shorts can go a long way in determining the runner's potential. Go through the tips in this article, to know how to choose running shorts.

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