Did you always fantasize running as fast as P.T. Usha, but sadly, never managed? Increasing running speed demands lot of precision & dedication. Know how to increase running speed with this article.

How To Increase Running Speed

Do you often become upset that you are not blessed with rocket-like legs like those of runners? Did you always wanted to increase your running speed but couldn’t? Fret not, for anyone can increase his/her running speed by simply making some efforts to boost the leg’s twitch muscles. People having fast running speed have a large percentage of these muscles in comparison to others. The twitch muscle helps in increasing speed in power lifting. If in case you are planning to increase your running speed, make sure that you have a strong base. The base can be made stronger by running long distances at a slower pace, for a considerable amount of time. Note that fast pace involves a greater force and in case of weak base, the probability of you suffering from serious injuries is high. Some special exercises, such as drill and training workouts, are also helpful in enhancing your running speed. These exercises not only increase your running endurance and stamina, but also help you keep a record of your progress and thus, assist you in analyzing yourself. All you need to do is just work on your stride length and stride frequency. Some ways to increase running speed are given below.
How To Run Fast
  • Do a regular slow jogging for about 15- 20 minutes and stretch your muscles, each for about 20 seconds. You can perform the same on a treadmill or a track. Start off by jogging slowly. Next, mark your desired distance and run at faster pace up to that particular distance. Also, set a particular time to cover the distance. Again jog for sometime and repeat the same. It will enhance your stamina.
  • You can also do rope skipping for 5 minutes, taking 2-3 minutes break in between. Skipping, when done 100 yards each up and down, helps in increasing the stamina and thus, enhancing the endurance power and running capability of a person.
  • Take two 10 to 15 lb. barbells for performing lunges. Start with your feet hip-width apart, your chest lifted and lower core abdominals engaged. Holding a barbell in each hand, step the right foot forward, and then shift your weight until your right foot is directly above its ankle. Step back and do the same with the left leg. Repeat it 12-15 times for two or more sets.
  • Take a hamstring curl machine to do hamstring curls. Begin with 20 to 40 lbs. weight. Take a bench and lie on the belly; now curl the heels around the machine. Draw tailbone down and simultaneously, clasp the arm handle towards you. Curl the heels towards the hips and exhale while bending the knees. Pause for a moment when you reach the top and lower down slowly. Repeat the same for 12-15 times per set. This exercise makes the hamstrings and glutes of the back and side of the hips more efficient.
  • Do step-ups by setting a low bench. Hold light weight barbell in the hands and as you lift the left leg bending its knees, step up with your right leg on the bench. Engage the lower abs by pausing on the top. Step down and repeat the same with the left leg. Repeat it 12- 15 times for two or three sets.
  • You can also choose to run in deep sand. It engages the bulky muscles of the calves such as gastrocnemius ans soleus while running. Running on the sand also promotes power in the glutes and abs.
  • Increase your running speed slowly, by jogging at 60% of your maximum speed. Then sprint for around 60- 90 seconds at 60-70% of your maximum speed. Again jog for a minute and repeat the same 7-10 times. Lastly, jog for around 20 minutes at 50-60% of the maximum speed.
  • You can also stand on the shallow end of the pool and run through the water across the pool’s width. Repeat it 7-10 times for two rounds. Slowly start timing yourself. This is a good way to enhance your running speed!
  • To increase the strength and endurance power while running, you can do weightlifting. Different kinds of squats such as frog squat jump, box squat jump, etc, dumbbell jerk are great for increasing strength of the body.
  • Heel raise is the exercise which duplicates the movement of ankle-joint. It improves flexibility and strength for a longer stride. Take a calf machine and hang your heels off the edges of the step. With the almost straight legs, raise the heels above the edges and stand on your toes. Pause for a second or two and slowly come back on the platform. Repeat it for 8-10 times.
  • Forward knee drive makes your thigh drive forward in a faster pace. Hip flexors also gain strength with the same exercise. It is done with the help of a cable-crossover station. Stand on it and attach one ankle strap to a low cable and the other to the right one. Create tension by standing facing away from the cable, while the legs are behind the body. Bend the knees slightly and place your foot some inches off the floor. Stand straight. You can hold any other object to balance. Keep the shin parallel to the floor and drive the thighs forward. Pause the moment the right thigh passes the vertical position. Repeat it with your left leg.
  • Do paw back by attaching one end of ankle strap to the high cable and the left ankle to the other one of the pulley. Now, facing the pulley, stand at a distance so that the cable becomes vertical when the leg is raised in front at 45 degree angle. Stand straight and balance. Pull the leg down and back until the foot comes flat on the floor and under the body. Repeat with the right leg.
  • Make sure you feed yourself with accurate calories as these exercises demands lots of strength and intense workouts.
  • If during a track workout, you feel fatigued in leaning forward or the shoulders starts creeping, quit the exercise then and there.
  • Having discomfort during the exercise is normal, but not pain. If you experience pain while exercising, know that there is something wrong. Either you are performing the exercise wrongly or it is not meant for you at this stage.

With these tips at hand, how to increase running speed will no longer be a huge task. Adhere to them and watch yourself running at a lightning speed! After all, what is a life without speed, isn't it?

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