Whether you want to shed the extra fat in your body, or maintain your waist line, read on and learn how to increase metabolism fast, a process that will give you desired results.

How To Increase Metabolism Fast

Are you taking up gym training, diet plans, yoga classes and many such measures in order to shed out the excess of body fat? Now you can add one more attribute to your weight loss routine, an easier one though i.e. increasing the rate of metabolism. Metabolism is nothing but the various chemical reactions that take place in the body which help in providing energy to the body. Metabolism is an important function of the body which also decides the body weight of a person. Higher the metabolism, fewer the calories and lesser the body weight and vice versa. A high rate of metabolism will keep your body fat down by helping you burn the maximum amount of calories, even when you are resting or not in movement. It is your genetic nature that plays a role in deciding the metabolism rate, but there are many ways in which you can speed up the metabolism process in the body irrespective of your genetic structure. This piece of writing will suggest a few ways of increasing your metabolism by following a simple routine. Read on to find out more.

Ways To Increase Your Metabolism

  • The breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It gives the required energy that the body needs in order to start the day’s metabolism. Therefore, the first step which you can take in order to speed up your metabolism is to have a healthy breakfast in your daily meal plan.
  • Adding spices to the food which you consume will also help in speeding up the metabolism of your body. According to a research conducted, cinnamon is one such spice that will help increases your body’s metabolism by twenty times. Therefore, it is important to add spices like cinnamon to your dishes in order to shed calories fast. However, never add more than what is required.
  • The beverages that you consume and the way you consume it can also decide the rate of metabolism in you. Drinking water or soft drinks with ice cubes will make your body work harder to heat up which will indirectly increase metabolism. Consuming a drink rich in caffeine like coffee or tea will also help in increasing the metabolism rate by raising your heart beat.
  • Muscle training and body building is another way to speed up metabolism in the body. The bigger the muscles, the lesser the storage of calories. Muscles burn calories, thereby leaving nothing for the body to store and gain weight from. Weight lifting or activities that force a movement in your muscles is what can help in burning the calories to the maximum and will keep your body weight under control. A workout routine of 25-30 minutes at least 3 times a week is sufficient to boost up the metabolism rate in your body.
  • It might sound a bit awkward, but the place where you have your food also decides the metabolism rate in your body. We might not realize it, but sunlight is also important for our body and exposing your body to the daylight will help increase metabolism process. Therefore, while having breakfast, try and sit next to a window allowing your body to soak up some sun in order to boost up growth and get some muscle and bone strength.
  • Adding the kiwi fruit to your diet is another way to speed up metabolism. The Kiwi fruit is rich in Vitamin C which if consumed more can adversely affect the body, but adding 500mg of the fruit to your daily diet plan will burn up to 40% more fat than what an exercise routine will.
  • Divide your diet plan to 5 meals a day instead of 3 meals. Dividing the diet plan into smaller sections will also support the growth rate. Every time you eat, it increases your metabolism; therefore distributing your diet to smaller sections will help in speeding up metabolism.
  • Chromium consumption is also essential in order to support the metabolism process. Chromium helps your body to burn down more calories which will indirectly require the body to work more. Chromium can be consumed in the form of tomatoes, meat, eggs, apples, green pepper, banana, spinach or in any other supplementary form in order to boost metabolism.

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