Though it may be hard to believe, some foods actually help increase metabolism. Here are a list of metabolism increasing foods that men can depend on.

Foods To Increase Metabolism In Men

A few years ago, a joke did the rounds among men – whenever their wives raised the topic of their going on a diet or exercising to ‘get in shape’, they replied by saying “I am in shape! Isn’t round a shape?” All such jokes went down the drain the day they realized that their better halves, who had taken to dieting and exercising long ago, were looking younger than them (people started asking if their wives were their younger sisters!); when their wives were being ogled at by more men than the number of women that ogled at themselves. It was then that they began to take dieting and weight loss seriously. What they were saved from was the vicious circle of fad diets; they were instead made to eat foods that not only reduced the amount of calories consumed per day, but also increased metabolism, which in turn burned fat, and calories. Here are some foods that help increase metabolism in a man’s body.
Metabolism Increasing Foods For Men
It is one of the most time-tested ways of taking in fewer calories. Though most liquids that people consume as a part of diet are less filling as compared to solids, soup comes as an exception to the rule. If used as a starter, soup will make a person feel quite full by the time he gets to the main course, and will thus consume less food.
Hot Peppers And Chilies
Chilies and Hot Peppers aid in burning fat by speeding up one’s metabolism. This happens due to the chemical present in hot peppers – cayenne peppers and jalapenos – known as Capsaicin. This chemical provides temporary stimulus to the body releasing stress hormones. This gives a boost to the body’s metabolism and causes the calories to burn.
Though not the traditional food for dieting, beans help a person on a diet at many levels. They are a rich source of fibre and protein. This makes them excellent for reducing Triglyceride or bad cholesterol. They have been used as appetite suppressants, as the proteins in them make a person feel full for a longer period of time.
Cereals And Oats
A bowl of whole-grain cereals or oats helps to increase one’s metabolism, causing to burn calories and fat cells. Studies point to the fact that men who took whole grain cereals and oats for a considerable amount of time, either as breakfast or during snack time, were less likely to gain weight and less prone to problems related to increased cholesterol levels. They are also an excellent source of fibre, are wholesome and extremely nutritious, make a person feel full for a longer time, and are thus an excellent diet food.
Lean Meat
Many types of lean meat are available to us, which are rich in proteins and less in animal fat. These have always been a source of protein for body builders and models, who are supposed to be on a strict diet. Some sources of lean meat are turkey breast, salmon, trout, chicken breast, crabs, clams, oysters, shrimp, and lobster. Also, egg white is an excellent source of protein.
Green Tea Or Coffee
Tea and coffee have been known to suppress appetite and hunger and are excellent fat burners, if taken in controlled quantities. They help to speed up metabolism due to the presence of caffeine in them. Green teas have in them a chemical called EGCG, which helps to increase the metabolism, speed up the brain and nervous system, causing more calories to burn. 

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