Finding ways to boost your metabolism can help you attain a well-toned, leaner body. Browse through this article and know how to increase the metabolic rate.

How To Increase The Metabolic Rate

To know how to increase the metabolic rate, you first need to know what exactly is metabolism. In simple terms, metabolism is the system through which your body gets energy, by burning the food that you eat. In today’s world, where most of the people either live for eating (and not vice versa) or do not have the time to indulge in a healthy diet, metabolism has not remained just a process of a chemical reaction. Rather, it has become a new fad to get a leaner body. In order to aid weight loss, people make use of various methods to increase their metabolic rate. It not only helps them shed some extra pounds, but is equally good for increased energy, improved appearance, better physiological health, and overall well-being as well. So, whether you want to get bulging biceps or washboard-flat stomach, the information on ways to raise your metabolic rate would surely come handy.
Ways To Boost Your Metabolism
Have Hearty Breakfast
Researchers say that metabolic rate of the human body is highest in the morning. And having a hearty meal in the morning will only boost it further. In fact, a good breakfast sets the momentum for the day. So, load up your breakfast with whole grains like oats and barley, along with fruits, juices and egg whites.
Be Physically Active
Physically active people burn more calories than those who lead a sedentary lifestyle. So, increase your level of physical activity, to boost your metabolism. Use stairs instead of elevators, park your car a little father and walk the rest distance, be active in office, and do house chores. Soon, you will notice the change in yourself. Not only will you lose more weight, but also find yourself fitter, more active and healthier as well.
Don’t Skip Meals
Have smaller meals, at regular intervals. It keeps the metabolism in work. If you are used to having three big meals in a day, divide them into six small ones and have them at regular intervals. Make sure that your stomach is not empty for long, but don’t stuff it with food either. Take a balanced diet, complete with carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, and minerals, in proper amount. You can also incorporate metabolism booster foods, like green tea, lean proteins, certain fruits and spices, in your diet
Avoid Alcohol
Alcohol is bad for your health. Period! Even if you take alcohol in moderate amount and are only a social drinker, you need to know that it is the reason you are not losing weight and having digestion problems. Alcohol has adverse effect on metabolism. When you drink alcohol, it interferes with body’s metabolic rate and mainly affects the fat metabolism. It has a restraining effect on the amount of fat that your body uses for energy production and also hampers vitamins and minerals absorption.
Spice Up Your Meals
Spices like chilies and pepper are said to help raise the metabolic rate. According to studies, spices boost metabolism and thus, help the body burn fat. Because of their strong flavor, you tend to eat less food and get satiated early. The idea behind the spicy food-boosting metabolism theory is that when you eat spices, they elevate the body temperature and increase the heartbeat, which needs energy. Thus, the body tends to burn more fats, to provide this energy to the body.
Take Sauna Baths
Taking sauna bath is an external way of increasing body temperature, thus burning fat to generate energy and lose weight. Your pulse rate increases during a sauna bath, while the blood vessel become flexible. Thus, it brings out almost the same effect on the metabolism, as does exercise. However, before heading for a sauna bath, make sure that you are not undergoing some kind of medical treatment.
Drink Water
When you drink water, especially cold water, the body uses energy to increase the body temperature and warm it down, thus increasing the metabolic rate. In addition, water is essential for many physiological functions. For instance, if it is deprived of water, the liver has to do extra labor, which decreases the total energy production and thus, the burning of fat. An ideal amount would be eight glasses in a day. If you take liquid in other forms as well, you can decrease the amount of water intake.
Get Enough Sleep
In a sleep deprived person, the level of cortisol, a kind of hormone, increases. This hormone is responsible for increasing a person’s hunger. It also increases blood sugar level and interfere with the burning of carbohydrates in the body. The improper burning of carbohydrates, in turn, increases the insulin level and the fat storage in the body. For a normal person, eight hours of sleep is necessary to keep metabolism in order.
Exercise, as almost of us must be aware of, helps in boosting the metabolism immediately and for long term too. You can incorporate cardiovascular exercises in your daily routine, as it helps the body burn fat effectively. You can integrate swimming, cycling or running as well, depending on your preference. If you want to boost up your metabolism further, start doing weight-training exercises.

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