The causes of a slow metabolic rate vary in different people. Explore the article to know the most common causes of low metabolism, which also compounds your weight problems.

Cause Of Low Metabolism

Low body metabolism is one of the reasons why many people end up putting on a lot of weight, despite the fact that they don't eat like a glutton. It implies that their body is not burning calories at a fast rate. Our metabolism also slows down with progressing age. It is not very easy to determine the real cause behind low metabolism. This is because there is not just any one reason behind a low metabolic rate. In fact, there are a range of factors that together account for low metabolism in different people. Explore the article to know a whole host of causes accounting for low metabolism.
Causes Of Slow Metabolic Rate
Hypothyroidism can be understood as a condition wherein the body is not producing enough thyroid hormone, which is responsible for various other symptoms including low metabolism. Thyroid deficiency results in increased body weight, due to low metabolism. However, not everyone with a low metabolism suffers from a thyroid problem and the same can only be determined by a physician.
One of the biggest factors determining the metabolic rate of the body is what your meals comprise of. If you are on a low calorie diet or fasting rigorously, there is a great chance that your body metabolism will slow down considerably and you may not end up loosing as much pounds as you want to (due to a low metabolic rate).
If the body is not properly hydrated, the metabolic rate of your body will come down significantly. Water is extremely important for digestion and maintaining a speedy metabolism along with other body functions. So, next time you feel that you are gaining weight for no reason at all, check your water intake.
Indulging in regular exercise is very essential for maintaining high body metabolism. One of the reasons for low metabolism is a lack of enough exercise or workout. Regular exercise keeps your body metabolism high, which helps you in reducing weight on a constant basis.
Stress and tensions can also be amongst the most common reasons for a low metabolism. Our system works less efficiently when we are stressed, which in turn is responsible for decreasing the rate of body metabolism. So, try to keep your mind free of any strain or anxiety.
Tips To Improve Body Metabolism 
  • It is advisable to eat smaller meals at frequent intervals, rather than eating a full meal on your fixed timings. This will help in increasing your rate of metabolism.
  • Introduce a cut in your sugar intake. Regulating your consumption of beverages and other sugary stuff will be of great help in speeding up your metabolic rate.
  • Try to do some form of workouts on an everyday basis, to pump up your metabolism. Daily exercise of minimum 30 minutes is the key to maintaining a speedy metabolism throughout the day.
  • Undertaking some weight training is also highly beneficial.
  • Try to keep yourself stress free and seek ways to lead a more healthy and relaxed life.
  • Drink plenty of water, not just to cure slow metabolism, but also for keeping your body hydrated for the entire day.
  • If nothing seems to be working, consult a physician and get a thyroid test done at the earliest.

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