Different people experience different types of headache, which can be classified on the basis of the quality of pain. Read the article to know about different kinds of headache.

Different Types Of Headache

Do you often suffer from a splitting and throbbing headache? Headaches, irrespective of their intensity, paralyze you and hamper your productivity, as you can't think of doing anything until the pain subsides. Even as the reasons for your headache are varied, the type of your headache also falls in a certain category, depending upon the level of pain you're experiencing. Sometimes, the pain is so excruciating that you are rendered absolutely helpless and looking for an instant relief to your agony. However, in order to find the right treatment to remedy the headache, it is very important to identify the headache. Explore the article to know the different types of headaches that might trouble you.
Different Kinds Of Headaches
Migraine headache is related to blood vessel contractions and other changes in the brain, although the exact causes triggering a migraine have not been established yet. It can also be due to some inherited abnormalities in certain parts of the brain. Migraine pain is pounding or throbbing in nature and can be moderate to severe. The pain lasts from 4 hours to 3 days and usually, occurs 1 to 4 times within a month's span. Migraine headache can be accompanied with symptoms like light sensitivity, nausea or vomiting, loss of appetite, abdominal pain and upset stomach.
Tension Headache
As the very name suggests, this headache is a result of day-to-day tensions and a stressful and anxious life. Such headaches are also called chronic daily headaches or chronic non-progressive headaches. These are the most common headaches in people, be they of any age. Mild to moderate pain is caused by tension headaches; they can stretch over a period of time and even keep recurring in the future.
Mixed Headache
Mixed headache is also called transformed migraines. It is a combination of migraine headaches and the headaches that result from taking undue tension and stress. This type of headache can be experienced by both adults as well as adolescents. The level of pain may vary from person to person.
Cluster Headache
Cluster headache is the most severe and rare type of headache. This headache is very intense and marked by constant burning or piercing feeling. The excruciating pain doesn’t let the sufferer even sit still. Mostly, the pain is focused behind one eye or in the eye region and doesn’t shift sides. It is called 'cluster' headache as it is characterized by bouts of attacks. It can happen once a year or once in two years and at the same time of the year. Its onset is sudden and can last for 15 min to 3 hrs. Cluster headache can persist for 30 years or more.
Sinus Headache
A deep and persisting pain in the cheek bones, forehead or bridge of the nose can be identified as sinus headache. This type of headache is, usually, accompanied by other sinus symptoms, like nasal discharge, fever, feeling of fullness in he ears and facial swelling. The pain tends to intensify with sudden movement of the head or straining.
Medical help is recommended if any of the headaches persists over a long period of time.

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