Living with a headache is hard and the sooner you are out of it, the better. Here are some headache remedies for you to explore and say goodbye to your headache for good.

Headache Remedies

Ever been bogged by a hard throbbing pain in your head that has caused you to slump down and tear your hair in woe? Headache is a universal plight that plagues almost all heads. Anything from a hangover to fevers, allergies, stress and orgasms can send your head pounding wildly. While most people tend to waive off headaches as mere symptom of fever and bad cold, a throbbing head can have other severe implications. Just imagine the pain of living with a nagging ache that not only mars your performance and makes you more irritable and temperamental, but also impairs your good sense and encumbers your life. You can bear to put up with episodic headaches that come and go as they like, but how do you deal with constant headaches? Before you pop in another aspirin, know that headache is not another way of life, but a serious issue that needs care and attention. If headache is eating up on your well-being too, reading the following remedies on headache should offer you some relief. Steer through to learn more.

Headache Cures

  • A throbbing headache is no good feeling and can cause even the best of us to turn into a lumbering brute! One of the better ways to get rid of a nagging headache is a quick rubdown using rosemary oil. Rosemary oil has a therapeutic reputation of easing headache by dilating blood vessels. Just rub some aromatic oil in and around your temples and see your headache take a hike. Drinking an herbal infusion made of rosemary herbs is another great way to keep the headache out of the way.
  • A cup of coffee a day can keep your headache away! Doesn’t matter if it’s a dull, dawdling pain in your head or a shooting thump on your skull, a quick cup of coffee can tone down the severest of headache in no time. Caffeine is known to constrict the blood vessels and ease nagging signs of headache.  If you prefer decaf to caffeinated coffee, then shooting down a fully fueled cup of hot espresso coffee should help.
  • Having too much fun in the sun can at times leave your brain fagged out and your body dehydrated. In that case, shunning the sun for a while and using a cold compress can restore back your good health and get rid of the pounding headache. Just lie down and apply an ice pack on your temples and around your hind neck and shoulder for quick relief.
  • Inadequate sleep, stress, hectic lifestyle and an unhealthy diet are good enough reasons to get your head pounding. Indulge into the goodness of aromatherapy and say goodbye to your hammering head for good. The healing properties of lavender, eucalyptus and peppermint oil is known to assuage stress and calm down tensed nerves and offer immediate relief from headache. 
  • Are you aware of the fact that ultimate human happiness lies in endorphins? Endorphins or happy hormones are the body’s natural painkillers that not only induce a happy feeling in the brain, but also help calm stress and alleviate tension.  Take out some time from your frenzied life and cash on exercise and a hearty laugh for a happy and healthy living.
  • Eight glasses of water a day can wash away all your ailments and headache away. Dehydration is deemed as one of the primary causes for headache in kids and adults. Just make sure that you gulp eight to ten glasses a day to keep the headache absent.
  • If all else fails, then popping a pain pill should save your day. Many over-the-counter medications like ‘Ibuprofen’ can eliminate pains and aches in no time. Analgesics can be doubly effective if washed down with a cup of coffee. However, exercise caution when taking pills and refrain from making it a daily habit. Painkillers, if taken over three to four times in a week, can trigger tremendous headache.

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