If you want to jump start your metabolism, you will need to make certain simple lifestyle changes. Check out some tips on how to increase metabolic rate.

Jump Start Metabolism

Metabolism is the process through which your body breaks down the food and burns calories, in order to generate energy for the performance of the routine and other functions. As the metabolic rate increases, the body starts burning calories at a much higher rate than before. In other words, boosting the metabolism is the best way to lose weight and stay healthy. Though it might appear to be tough, speeding up your metabolism is not all a difficult task. You just need to make a few simple changes in your lifestyle and voila, you will jump start your metabolism in absolutely no time. For more information, read further.
Speed up Your Metabolism 
  • Never ever skip breakfast. If you do not eat anything in the morning, the metabolism stays at a slow rate throughout the day. When you are sleeping, your metabolism is at its lowest pace. As you eat and digest something in the morning, the metabolic rate increases and you burn calories at a faster rate.
  • Rather than three large meals, have 5-6 small meals, stretched throughout the length of the day. The body cannot burn a large amount of calories at a time. When you eat a big meal, the body is able to burn only a part of the calories and the rest is stored as fats. As you make your meals smaller, the body will be able to burn almost all the calories. At the same time, the frequency keeps the metabolism working fast at all times.
  • Make sure to include fiber and protein in every meal or snack. They require much more time and effort to be broken down and converted into energy and in the process, help keep your metabolism revved up.
  • Indulge in exercise on a regular basis. It helps speed up your metabolism and thus, leads to an increase in the total number of calories you burn in a day. After you workout, your body will continue to burn calories at a higher rate for a number of hours to come.
  • Weight training has also been associated with boosting the speed of metabolism since long. It increases the size and efficiency of your muscle cells, the calorie-burning machine in your body. Weight training will increase your metabolism in every situation, even when you are resting.
  • Our metabolism rate is faster, and the body burns more calories, when we are engaged in some kind of activity. Try to make as many movements as possible. Take the stairs instead of the lift, walk down to the market instead of taking the car, etc.  
  • Do not fall prey to any crash diets. When you bring your calorie intake to too low, the body goes into the starvation mode and starts storing calories, instead of burning them. The result, an even lower metabolism rate and much more fat accumulation.
Foods that Jump Start Metabolism 
  • Milk, Whole-Grain Cereal, and Oatmeal
  • Jalapeno, Habanero and Cayenne Peppers
  • Green Tea and Coffee
  • Lean Beef, Pork, Chicken and Turkey
  • Salmon, Tuna and Sardines

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