How pointless is life when you cannot relish delicious food? Read this article to be acquainted with the causes and treatment methods of tongue blisters.

Tongue Blisters

You would surprise yourself when you blurt out an “Ouch” as opposed to the standard “yum” that escapes your lips as you stuff your face with the world’s best burger or doughnut. What justifies this inexplicable anomaly? The safest deduction would be that you are temporarily cursed with tongue blisters. No, it’s definitely not life threatening unless controlling your appetite for a day or two equates to having nothing to eat at all. Hence, it is imperative to beware of the exacerbation of this symptom. Dare not ignore it, or else feel free to anticipate another week of excruciating pain and maybe worse. Alternatively referred to as ‘tongue zits’, ‘lie bumps’ or ‘inflamed taste buds’, they not only torment the tongue, but also the surrounding areas of our mouths. Some describe it as the raised skin of the tongue which often contains fluids that burst, giving rise to sores and burning sensations. Tongue blisters are common and can be easily treated. However, before we begin any kinds of treatment, it is essential to know the reason behind the blisters on your tongue so as to attain the most appropriate treatment.

Causes And Treatment Of Tongue Blisters

  • When your body rejects certain types of medicine, the body instantly reacts to these kinds of allergies in the form of tongue blisters or white tongues. They swell, they ache and you may yelp in pain for an unbearable span of time. In this case, prevention would be the best cure. Wouldn’t you agree? Many complain of tongue blisters emanating from pills aimed to fight upper respiratory infections and the like. Heat generating medication inevitably produces these dreaded blisters.
  • For all those that regrettably contract the herpes virus, tongue blisters are one of the symptoms that quickly follow cold sores! Your physicist will be able to tackle this if given precautions are taken.  
  • Remember how your mother would threaten you to keep away for the stomach upset inducing foods. Of course, a hot dish of chilli fried pork might set your taste buds ablaze, leaving you begging for more! The doctrine of life that states- “You can never have it both ways” applies to the torturous dilemma which traps you in between resistance and endurance? Which one is easier to withstand? You might want to evade the stomach sores and blisters triggered by food allergies and bad immunity. Avoid excess of salt and acidic hot foods!
  • Excess protein encourages bacteria to cause infection over the skin of the tongue thus leading to tongue blisters. On the other hand, lysine wards off viruses and bacteria, eliminating tongue blisters much faster.
  • A deficiency of the vitamin B Complex cooks up several erratic reactions in the body and instantaneously causes tongue blisters. Immunity to bacteria and other viruses is largely compromised at this stage.
  • Masticating the chewing-gums also causes tongue blisters inside the mouth. Embrace yourself before enduring a burning sensation or inflammation all over the tongue!
  • Is your significant other a bad kisser who has secretly wished to be a vampire and treat you as the prey? ‘Too much of teeth’ incorporated in this intimate activity will certainly turn your gleaming smile of victory into a frown elicited by physical trauma. Ouch. Oral sex too in this context, is a bane!
  • You could nip in the bud by watching your diet! A good balance does wonders to every segment of your body.
  • Pop in a couple of B complex for two to three days. Or alternatively, you could improve your dietary intake of vitamin B. Moderate consumption of eggs, milk and dairy products such as cheese; yogurt is the way to go! Oats, bran, wheat germ and most other whole grains will do the trick too!
  • Non vegetarian crowd, susceptible to tongue blisters may resort to fish like salmon and halibut which are great sources of vitamin B.
  • Gargling with hot salt water and rinsing your mouth out provides relief and heals the inflamed tongue.
  • Plenty of antibacterial moisture, applied over the tongue, removes tongue blisters effectively.
  • Keep your mouth and tongue sterilized by using mouth wash regularly and change your current toothbrush once the bristles start to shrivel up.
  • Make a paste with turmeric powder and honey.  Apply this to the tongue blisters and be amazed with the way they vanish. Also, sipping warm water and swirling it about in your mouth is equally effective.

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