Say it or not, every guy admires Arnold Schwarzenegger and secretly wishes for a body like him. However, before indulging into bodybuilding activities, read on to know its pros and cons first.

Pros And Cons Of Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding is practiced by people who wish to transform their body structure through intensive muscular exercise. In general, bodybuilders employ three main strategies to maximize their muscular strength. The first method is to maximize their strength through weights or elastic and hydraulic resistance equipments. Second strategy would be to stress upon specialized nutrition, incorporating extra protein and supplements in the daily diet. The third strategy is to give the body adequate amount of rest, which includes sleep as well as recuperation between successive workouts. This is extremely essential if one decides to practice bodybuilding. The article entails several advantages and disadvantages of bodybuilding, which you should browse through, before opting for bodybuilding as an activity.
Advantages Of Bodybuilding
  • One of the prime benefits that you can experience by the process of bodybuilding is discipline. As in the case of any other sport, bodybuilding develops a spirit of self routine in a person practicing it. You know that each day you have to come for training your body no matter what. Nothing stops you from going to the gymnasium in this allotted time. This amount of discipline eventually gets carried on to your social life as well.    
  • Maintaining good health is an indispensable factor for all of us. In order to ensure our well being, optimum physical activity is important. Bodybuilding is one such all-rounded physical activity, which we can practice to stay healthy and active. This also inculcates in us a positive attitude which eventually motivates us in doing several other household or outdoor duties, without getting exhausted easily. Hence, besides keeping our medical expenses low, it also puts an effective check on health conditions such as obesity and high blood pressure among others.
  • Another major advantage of the process of body building is its ability to boost self confidence. Successfully training your body muscles and looking good can cast a positive influence in your life as well. You will be constantly appreciated by your family and peer group. Moreover, your ability to conduct the strenuous training procedure will in itself make you believe that you can overcome any fear and challenge in life.   
  • Body building exercises will help you to have enough rest and proper sleep. Since your muscles would get tired and worn out after the vigorous exercises, you eventually would want enough rest. In case of teenagers, who are most fond of indulging in bodybuilding activities, this lures them away from attending to other misfits, which could be a serious hindrance to their life.  
Disadvantages Of Bodybuilding
  • If you have decided to undergo the bodybuilding process, one of the most common misconceptions associated with it is that you have to considerably increase your protein intake to build up those muscles. Few people even go to extremes, such that their whole diet is composed of protein. However, taking too much protein can be more harmful for your body than good. Excess protein can put a lot of stress on your body organs, specifically on your kidneys.
  • If your body loses too much water due to sweating during exercise, chances of you getting dehydrated runs high. Dehydration makes you lose electrolytes and results in weakness, dizziness, and occasionally arrhythmias.
  • Weightlifting is a major exercise of the entire bodybuilding procedure. The main disadvantage of using weights is safety. You should remember not to exercise with weights all alone. Instead, always have a supporter to avoid any unwanted circumstances. Another common safety concern that should be kept in mind before indulging in bodybuilding exercise is at the time of using barbell. While using it to build your biceps and triceps, there is a possibility of getting trapped under the barbell, if you are unable to repeat an upward swing due to the heavy weight of the barbell.
  • Another disadvantage of using weight lifts is deliberately causing damage to your own body. You should be capable of balancing the heavy weights. If you are unable to keep complete control of your body when you are working out, you are, knowingly or unknowingly, causing severe wear and tear to your body muscles, thereby causing irreparable damage to them.

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