Different bodybuilding exercises are designed for specific body parts. So read about best exercise for body building.

Best Bodybuilding Exercises

Bodybuilding workout is something that should not be taken lightly at all under any circumstance. This is because if while doing right kind of bodybuilding exercise can nicely tone up the muscles and make you fit, one wrong move could even cost you heavily for life. Moreover, each exercise is designed to suit a particular purpose like muscle-toning, flab reduction, etc. and has effects on specific regions of the body. So before you initiate you body building exercise, read this article which informs what kind of workout is suited for which body part.  
Best Exercise for BodyBuilding
The arm consists of the biceps, triceps and the forearm. Bicep consists of muscles on the front of the upper arm. Triceps, similarly, consists of muscles at the back of the upper arm. Forearm is that part of the arm between the wrist and the elbow.
There is separate arm exercise for all three. The key exercise for the biceps is curls. Triceps are the biggest muscle in the arm and the least worked. Best tricep exercises are dips, triceps pushdowns as well as lying extensions. Wrist curls is best for forearms.
The shoulder muscles can, at times, be the trickiest muscles to work out. For shoulders, the top exercises happen to be shoulder presses as well as shrugs.
The chest happens to be the most exercised and favorite muscle of almost all body-builders. The chest region too is divided into two parts - higher and lower chest for exercising purpose. Variations of the bench press are considered the best exercise for chest. Flat bench press, the incline and decline are normally done for the uppers and lower chest portions.
Back happens to be the biggest body muscle and is divided into upper, lower and sides. Lateral pull downs and seated pulley rows are good workouts designed for the upper part of the back. The superman stretch works fine for the lower back. Another one for the lower back is reverse extension. To make the sides of the back acquire a V shape, the apt exercises are chins and pull downs.
The legs comprise of three different kinds of muscles – quadriceps, hamstrings and calves. Quadriceps is the large four-part extensor muscle at the front of the thigh. Squats are best for quadriceps. Hamstrings are tendons at the rear hollow of the human knee and for it, the best workouts are leg curls and stiff-legged dead lifts. For calves, which are the fleshy muscular back part of the human leg between the knee and ankle, calf raises both standing and sitting are apt.
The abs can be defined by doing exercise that squeezing the muscle there. The abs is known to take a long time to get defined and the best results come from work outs like crunches, pelvic tilts and side bends. You can tone up all regions of the abs with these three exercises when done loyally.

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