Check out useful information on prevention and cure of common diseases in children and adults.

Preventable Diseases

Scroll down to learn about the effects, and available vaccinations for different preventable diseases. The information provided will educate you adequately to prevent the harmful effects.

How To Cure A Sore Throat

A sore throat can be caused by dry air, pollution, bacteria and certain viruses. Knowing how to cure a sore throat is essential as we are all susceptible to it.

Malnutrition Diseases

Excessive food shortage and uncontrolled poverty are leading to various malnutrition diseases across the world. Go through this article to know about the different diseases caused by malnutrition.

What Is Shortness Of Breath

Shortness of breath though a very common affliction, is more serious than the name suggests. Read below to learn more on the causes, symptoms and treatment of shortness of breath.

What Causes Night Sweats

No one likes to wake up in the middle of a cold night especially due to excessive sweating! If this happens, then you maybe facing an uncontrollable condition called hyperhidrosis or night sweating.

Respiratory Acidosis

Respiratory acidosis is a serious clinical complication that can be potentially fatal. To acquaint yourself on the causes of respiratory acidosis, read on.

How To Reduce Facial Swelling

Swollen faces are never pretty and never painless. Read this article and learn how to reduce facial swelling.

Treatment For Hives

Do you have red, itchy welts protruding from your skin? If yes, you might be suffering from hives. Explore this article for more information on the same.

List Of Contagious Diseases

Wondering what the most common contagious diseases the human body is prone to? Surf through this list of contagious diseases to educate yourself more on this.

Restless Legs Syndrome

Restless legs syndrome is the medical term used for a very common psychological phenomenon. Herein we have briefly described the causes, symptoms and treatments for restless legs syndrome.

Types Of Headaches

Headache can be a major cause for job absenteeism and make you feel dull and drab throughout the day. Headache might be common, but cannot be ignored. Read on to know the different types of headaches.

Dry Nose Treatment

A dry nose is what you suffer from when the same is deprived of much-needed moisture. Read your way through this article to discover remedies for a dry nose.

Loss Of Smell

If a person is unable to identify odors of any kind, then he is suffering from a medical condition called anosmia. This article deals with the causes of loss of smell & its various treatment methods.

Inflamed Taste Buds

Inflamed taste buds can be caused due to a number of reasons. With this article, explore the different causes of swollen taste buds and also find out its treatment.

Excessive Burping Causes

Burps can be utterly embarrassing for you in the public. However, excessive burping can also be a cause of serious concern. Find out what causes excessive belching.

Achilles Tendon Injury

A breakage in the tendon results in the Achilles tendon injury. Explore the article below to learn more on the Achilles tendon injury.

What Is Meningitis

Meningitis is an infection of the membrane that surrounds the brain and spinal cord. Learn more about meningitis in the article below.

Main Causes Of Postnasal Drip

Post-nasal drip occurs when extreme mucus is formed by the sinuses. Listed below are the causes for postnasal drip.

How To Get Rid Of A Fungal Infection

As gross as it may sound, fungal infections are a very common ailment. Read an informative article on how to get rid of fungal infections.

How To Get Rid Of Flatulence

Flatulence is a normal body function in mammals, and some other animals. It might be hilarious, but the odor is no laughing matter. Here are some tips to get rid of flatulence.

What Is Cervical Kyphosis

Cervical kyphosis is characterised by the back of the neck becoming outwardly curved. Read the article to know what cervical kyphosis is and its causes.

Tinea Corporis Treatment

Tinea corporis is a contagious fungal skin disease that requires a rigorous and immediate treatment. Follow the article below to find out how to treat ringworm.

Ways To Prevent Hay Fever

Hay fever or allergic rhinitis is a common disease that affects the immune system, especially during the onset of spring and autumn. Read on to know ways on how to prevent hay fever.

Motion Sickness Relief

Motion sickness is the baggage that most travelers carry. Read the article below to know the various remedies for motion sickness.

How To Get Rid Of Pain

Pain, whether it is mild or acute, hampers our daily activities and it becomes necessary to treat it in time. Read on to find tips on how to get rid of some common aches.

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