A dry nose is what you suffer from when the same is deprived of much-needed moisture. Read your way through this article to discover remedies for a dry nose.

Dry Nose Treatment

A dry nose can be an annoying thing and can even thrust you into a pit of pain and discomfort. A dry nose is usually the result of the lack of moisture, but sometimes can also be a result of allergies or stress. As far as a dry nose caused by stress goes, it is important to know that when you’re suffering from stress, you breathe differently. It is the change in breathing patterns that can result in a dry nose. Apart from stress and allergies, a dry nose is almost always caused due to the lack of moisture or humidity in the air. This lack of moisture in the air can be considered the underlying cause for a dry nose. A rare cause of a dry nose materializes when the skin within your nose becomes tender and sore. Fortunately, however, life has been cordial enough to grace humanity with remedies for a dry nose. Read on to gain access to know-how on the most popular remedies for a dry nose. 

Dry Nose Remedies

Saline Drops
Amongst all the remedies for a dry nose saline drops are arguably the safest and most used. This is mostly because saline drops are easily available thus upping the convenience factor. Contrary to popular belief, saline drops are not made just for children but also for adults. When using saline drops, tilt back your head and squeeze out three to four drops of saline into each nostril. This method of utilizing ‘saline’ comes with no hassles and is comparatively easy. The saline will help refurbish your nose with much needed moisture. You can apply the saline drops two to four times daily, or how many ever times required. 

Neti Pot
A neti pot is nothing but a pot that’s designed to send a salt water solution through your nasal cavities. Although it may seem like a ‘device’ that is not easily available, it fortunately is available at health stores and pharmacies. Neti pots, just like saline drops, help restore the lost moisture in your nose. Here’s how you go about the whole process of using a neti pot to your advantage. Add lukewarm water to a neti pot and a teaspoon of sea salt. Mix well until the salt has dissolved into the water. Place your head over a sink or any other suitable structure and pour the liquid into one nostril. By default, the solution will flow out of the other nostril Make it a point not to panic when this happens. Also make it a point to breathe through your mouth; breathing through your nose when using a neti pot will only create unnecessary complications. Repeat the ‘neti pot process’ in the other nostril too. Do this once or twice per day or until your nose learns to retain moisture on its own. It is best to learn how to use neti pot from a pro before you start on your own.

Most of the times, if not all the time, a dry nose is caused by a lack of moisture in the air. This is exactly why the chances of people suffering from a dry nose are high when the weather is dry. To counter the effects of the lack of moisture in the air, set up a humidifier in your bedroom before you sleep. The machine blesses the air in your bedroom with much-needed moisture and by breathing this air, you are only battling against a dry nose. To reap the most out of a humidifier, shut your bedroom door and the windows when you sleep to prevent the moisture from escaping out of your bedroom. Use the humidifier every night until your nose begins to hold back moisture on its own.

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