There are a number of natural home remedies to de-clog a stuffy nose. Read this article to know all about the stuffy nose remedy.

Stuffy Nose Remedies

Having a stuffy nose can be very exasperating. You constantly have to struggle to breathe and your head feels heavy. All this hinders the normal pace of your life. While adults somehow manage to get on with things in such situations, children (when having a stuffy nose) tend to raise a hell lot of a tantrum. Luckily there are a number of home remedies for a stuffy nose that you can employ to get some relief. Read to know.
Natural Home Remedies for Stuffy Nose
Sniff Onion
One easy way to unclog your stuffy nose is by sniffing an onion. Usual medications like Methanol or any other decongestants work by causing some irritation in the nose that makes it de-clog and run. Sniffing an onion has the same effects.  
Go Heavy On Spice
The remedy for a stuffy nose is to make it runny. There are few things that make it run quicker than spicy meals. So if you can, then consume some hot chili peppers. Your nose will soon start running and de-clogging it in the process.
Have Chicken Soup
In order to de-clog a stuffy nose, have chicken soup or any other hot fluid in a cup. Whenever you consume anything hot, the steam of the liquid causes the mucus in the nose to soften up. The result is that the nose de-clogs and runs.
Have a Shower
Having a hot shower has the same effect like drinking a hot fluid from a cup. This one is perhaps the easiest way to de-clog a stuffy nose and prevent it from getting thick.  
Use Humidifier
You can use a humidifier to get cured of a stuffy nose. But you have to be careful as the water used in the humidifier can also spread germs and impurities. So make sure that you use distilled water only in humidifier.
Decongestant Spray
Incase you are using a decongestant spray to cure yourself from a stuffy nose, then remember to use it carefully. Do not use the decongestant spray for more than two times a day, and a maximum of three to four days in a row.

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