Recent studies have revealed that caffeine indeed has health benefits. To know more about the nutritional benefits of caffeine, read on.

Benefits Of Caffeine

For all the ardent caffeine lovers, here is some good news. Now, you can enjoy your favorite coffee, tea, candy or chocolate with an added tang, as it no longer sets off the alarm bell. Recent studies, conducted in different parts of the world, have shown that caffeine products indeed have health benefits. However, this certainly depends upon a lot of factors, such as the amount of caffeine intake, the type of caffeine ingested, etc. So, pour yourself a hot steaming cup of coffee or rejoice the chill of that chocolate or candy, while reading the profound health benefits of caffeine given below.
Health Benefits of Caffeine
  • It is an effective metabolism enhancer.
  • It is a fat burner and a major ingredient in diet pills. Caffeine breaks down the fat, releasing fatty acids. These acids are burned leading to lose of weight. Moreover, as the fat is burnt, the level of glucose and amino acids in the blood stays high. As a result, it prevents the feeling of hunger.
  • One of the most common benefits of caffeine is that it soothes headache. Hot or cold coffee, tea, soda like Coke or Pepsi and cocoa provide relief in headache.
  • It is especially beneficial for those who workout or are involved in any kind of sports activity. Ingestion of caffeine 30 to 60 minutes before workout session results in longer endurance, increased number of repetitions, less exertion, less fatigue, and rapid recovery. However, it is more effective in tablet form rather than coffee, as the latter has many other compounds mixed with it, which reduce its efficiency. Moreover, overdose should be avoided, as it might lead to high levels of dehydration.
  • Caffeine effects brain receptors, thereby drawing more energy. As a result, it enhances concentration, reduces fatigue and heightens alertness.
  • Daily consumption of caffeine is also reported to prevent liver damage, up to 44 percent. Those who suffer from liver cirrhosis are claimed to live longer if they consume around 3 cups of coffee daily.
  • Acting as a strong stimulant, caffeine stirs up the central nervous system. It initially boosts the heart rate and releases glucose in the blood. In effect, Dophamine levels are increased in the body. This activates the pleasure providing parts of the brain. Conclusively, a hot coffee or creamy candy bar gives a high and elevates mood.
  • Owing to the fact that caffeine increases blood pressure, the regular caffeine in-takers have less chances of heart failure than others.
  • Intake of coffee, which is also a form of caffeine, has recently shown positive results in reducing the risk of diabetes.
  • Coffee drinkers are less likely to fall prey to the Parkinson’s disease.

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