Lemongrass is an aromatic herb with diverse health benefits. Read on to know more on the nutrition benefits of eating lemon grass and also explore its nutritional value.

Health Benefits Of Lemongrass

Lemongrass, also known as local tanglad or citronella, is a fantastic, aromatic citrus flavored herb that has added essence to many oriental cuisines and has been extensively used to odorize candles, perfumes and soaps. A tropical plant with wondrous benefits, this perennial tall grass with lemon like fragrance is extensively used in Thai recipes, to add the zesty lemon flavor, so much so that it has been associated with Thai cuisine today. However, there is much more to this flavored herb than just zest. Lemongrass is known to have several health benefits and can be combined with other spices like chilies and garlic, for a shot of taste and health. Studies have revealed that lemongrass works effectively against colds, flu, and even cancers. The grass is considered a diuretic, tonic and stimulant. It encourages good digestion, eases out menstrual troubles and nausea and is also known to encourage perspiration and reduce fever. Lemongrass features in Indonesian, Malaysian, Sri Lankan and Indian cooking and is widely used in savory dishes and meat, poultry, seafood and vegetable curries. Read on to know the nutritional value and benefits of lemongrass.
Nutritional Value Of Lemongrass
Amount of Lemon Grass: 1 cup
Total Weight of Lemongrass: 67 g 
Basic Components
1.2 g
4.5 mg
47.3 g
1.2 g
Total Calories
Calories From Carbohydrate
Calories From Fat
Calories From Protein
Total Carbohydrate
Fats & Fatty Acids
Total Fat
0.3 g
Saturated Fat
0.1 g
Polyunsaturated Fat
0.1 g
Total Omega-3 Fatty Acids
20.8 mg
Total Omega-6 Fatty Acids
92.4 mg
Vitamin A
4.0 I.U.
Vitamin C
1.7 mg
0.7 mg
Vitamin B6
0.1 mg
50.2 mcg
0.1 mg
43.6 mg
5.5 mg
40.2 mg
67.7 mg
484 mg
1.5 mg
0.2 mg
3.5 mg
0.5 mcg
Nutritional & Health Benefits Of Eating Lemongrass
Lemongrass is known to have antimicrobial properties that help to avert all kind of viral, fungal and bacterial infections, thus offering a strong resistance against both internal and external microbes. It tenders protection against all kind of microbial infections in urinary tracts, respiratory tracts, colon, stomach and wounds. What more, it is used to treat skin diseases and works fine against ailments like malaria, typhoid, food-poisoning etc. Lemongrass also consists of antipyretic property that helps to bring down high fever.
Lemongrass helps the body to detoxify by increasing the regularity and extent of urination. It assists the body to get rid of unwanted toxic substances and uric acid and helps the liver, digestive tract, kidney, pancreas, bladder and so on to stay clean and healthy. This effective diuretic helps to cleanse the system and helps in weight loss too. If mixed and consumed with pepper, lemongrass can offer relief from menstrual troubles and nausea too.
Lemongrass helps in digestion and works best against flatulence and gastroenteritis. Lemongrass is known to relax the abdominal region of the body and allows the air trapped inside to move down easily, thereby reducing the affect of belching and stomach pain.
Blood Pressure
Since lemongrass is best known for its detoxifying properties, it aids the body to get rid of cholesterol, harmful toxins, uric acid and fats. It boosts blood circulation and eases all problem of the blood pressure. Drinking a glass of lemongrass juice can bring down your blood pressure considerably.
Nervous System
Lemongrass oil provides a soothing effect to the agitated nerves and offers relief against several neuro disorders. Essential oils obtained from lemongrass help to boost the nervous system and work against nervous disorders like vertigo, nervousness, convulsions, shaking limbs, Parkinson’s diseases. Alzheimer’s disease and other nerve related issues. Lemongrass is known for its calming effect and is hence used to treat insomnia and stress too.
Lemongrass is known to be a great analgesic that helps to offer relief against all kinds of inflammation and irritability related to pains and aches. If you have toothache, muscle ache, joint pain or any other pain, just remember to munch on lemongrass for instant relief from pain.

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