Arthritis is a chronic condition infamous for its debilitating consequences. Resorting to medication can at times just worsen your woes, so read on for tackling the problem with natural remedies.

Natural Remedies For Arthritis

Anyone who said that ageing and arthritis go hand in hand was not bluffing! Arthritis is an extremely excruciating condition that more often than not plagues the aged and the only known way to battle this painful condition is timely intervention and cure. This crippling condition with its horribly debilitating downside not only stifles the bones and causes tissues to degenerate but also obstructs free movement and is mentally unnerving too. While all the prescribed chemical analgesics and ointments can minimize pain and relax the inflammation, not always are they the best alternatives. Chemical pain pills come loaded with side effects and are known to have degenerating consequences on your health. No matter how much your doctor snubs you into helpless submission, know that there is a natural way out of the suffering from arthritis. While prescribed drugs are good enough to halt pain, a healthy lifestyle and a few good habits can ensure that you get out of this physical and mental nightmare without exposing yourself to the hazards of analgesics. To know how natural remedies for arthritis will bail you out of your agony, read on. 
Arthritis Home Remedy 
  • Anti-oxidants have enjoyed a long-standing reputation in the treatment of arthritis. Apart from their ability to control inflammation, anti-oxidants have been touted to stave off all symptoms of arthritis and protect body tissue from reactive oxygen forms. Regular consumption of ginger, cayenne, turmeric and other anti-oxidant containing spices have been found to do wonders for cartilage and joint health and also reduce the risk of bone degradation sans any side effects.
  • Most arthritis patients freeze at the idea of exercise, thanks to their debilitating chronic pain, poor physical endurance and confined joint movements. While the idea of painful lifts and stretches is indeed an unsavory one, an effective exercise regimen can alleviate the chronic symptoms of arthritis and boost joint strength and endurance too. The entire range of strengthening, endurance and range-of-motion exercises can minimize joint inflammation, boost blood flow, facilitate free movement and also release endorphins in the body.
  • The potential health benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids are no underrated fact and have been found to benefit the human body in more ways than one. In arthritis, a hyperactive immune response leads to tissue degradation. Omega-3 fatty acid is known to halt this active degeneration and cut down all symptoms of stiffness and pain from the joints. Since the human body cannot produce these fatty acids, eating omega-3 fatty acids externally can make up for the absence. Sea foods like salmon, mackerel, sardine, halibut, tuna, algae and krill and even walnuts can nourish your joints with the benefits of these fatty acids.
  • Patients suffering from rheumatoid or osteoarthritis can benefit greatly from eating plenty of fruits and vegetables that are rich in anti-oxidants. Eating bright colored fruits and vegetables like, beet, corn, broccoli, banana, pear, watermelon, apples etc can reduce joint inflammation and alleviate pain and swelling too.
  • While some food can help you to assuage all symptoms of arthritis, dairy products, citrus fruits, bell peppers, potatoes, tomatoes and sugary starchy foods, caffeine, roasted nuts and red meat can trigger symptoms of arthritis and worsen your condition. To keep away from frequent remissions, just say no to these trigger foods.

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