If you are pregnant and you have a peculiar metallic taste in your mouth, then explore this article to know more on the causes and treatments of metallic taste in pregnancy.

Metallic Taste In Pregnancy

Feeling dull, irritated, angry and at times sad are all natural emotions when you are pregnant. Pregnant women have a very distinctive feeling, and at times experience strange feelings from the very beginning of their pregnancy. At times they have an enormous appetite for food and at times feel like refraining from food completely. At such a juncture, even their taste buds start playing with them and some start experiencing a metallic taste in their mouth. They find the taste quite disgusting and at times even feel nauseous because of it. The metallic taste in the mouth during pregnancy is medically termed as ‘dysgeusia’. This taste cannot be explained as it lies somewhere between a bitter, sour, acidic and at times a fetid taste—a mixture of these four. Though this is absolutely normal, it can be quite disturbing for a pregnant woman. Here are a few causes and treatments for metallic taste during pregnancy. 

Metallic Taste In Mouth During Pregnancy

Like ‘morning sickness’, many women experience dysgeusia in the first trimester of their pregnancy. This is because of the deviation of certain hormones like estrogen that controls a lot of other factors of pregnancy.  The fluctuation in estrogen levels in the body directly causes a particular change in the olfaction that can affect the sense of taste. This may also be caused by intake of a number of medications like hormone prescriptions, prenatal vitamins and certain antibiotics during pregnancy. However, when the medication is over you will regain the normal taste in the mouth. There is no particular known cause for the metallic taste during pregnancy. Gynecologists presume that the metallic taste in the mouth can be due to certain toxins released by the lymph glands to protect the fetus from the effects of certain drugs. This fact has still not been proven though.

There is no specific treatment for the metallic taste in the mouth as it normally tends to slowly disappear with time. You can temporarily get rid of the taste by consuming some acidic fruits like lemons, oranges or even lemonade. These foods tend to increase the production of saliva and helps bring down the metallic taste in the mouth. You can also have some pickle along with your food if your body can handle it. You can relish your food if you get rid of the metallic taste by brushing your teeth with a little salt before each meal. You can also chew some mint leaves, cardamom or some minty flavored chewing gum to lessen the metallic taste. If you feel the taste to be still lingering in your mouth, you can ask your doctor to stop the prenatal medication for some time.

The metallic taste in the mouth is interrelated to your pregnancy and it will fade once you enter your second trimester. It is therefore not a major cause for concern.  

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