People do not realize how much they have strained their eyes until they start getting migraines. Here are some symptoms for recognizing tired or strained eyes.

Tired Eyes Symptoms

Eyes are considered the most sensitive organ in the body. A little strain is all it takes for someone to stop working for a good four hours. It is said that, staring at the computer continuously for more than an hour causes as much strain as about a few kilograms of weight placed on our eyelids. Since many upwardly mobile youngsters need to stare at the monitor for a good seven to eight hours every day, which doesn’t take into account the number of hours they watch television, you can imagine how much strain our eyes are taking every day. Since most of us have adapted ourselves to that kind of lifestyle, we do not often realize how much torture our eyes have to bear. We keep ignoring the warning signs and continue to torture our eyes with much more strain. It is not until our eyesight begins to fail us that we pay heed to the signs that our body is trying to give us. In fact, much of the damage would have already been done by that time. Thus, it is always better to heed the first few signs that the body gives out about how tired our eyes are. Here are some symptoms for tired eyes, which should be heeded in time.
Symptoms Of Tired Eyes 
Here are some symptoms, which prove that your eyes are strained and tired:
Heavy Eyes 
The very first symptom for tired eyes is when the eyes start becoming heavy and it is hard to keep them open without much strain for long. Staring at the computer for very long causes our pupils to dilate too often, because the computer monitor leaves out very strong beams of light. This causes the eyes to become heavy over a period of time, which forces us to walk up to the nearest coffee vending machine and pour ourselves a cup of coffee.
Eyes that have to be exposed to strong beams of light and many a harmful radiation also tend to dry up fast, causing irritation in the eyes. Many a times, people keep rubbing their eyes for a good minute or so before their eyes feel normal again. Such extreme itchiness or irritation is also another sign that your eyes are getting tired and need a break.
Burn It Up 
This is one symptom that doesn’t show itself very easily but does affect a person’s eyesight in the long run. Too much staring at the computer monitor and lack of protection to the eyes can cause you to feel a burning sensation in them. This is usually felt when one touches the eyes with the back of one’s hand after hours of working. Many a times, people whose bodies have the tendency to get heated up too fast also experience similar problems while they work in front of the computer. In such cases, one must wash his or her eyes frequently or splash cold water on them. Also, covering the eyes with slices of cool cucumber at night while sleeping is another way to relax the burning sensation.
Red And Sore 
Those whose eyes are getting tired will also notice that their eyes are turning red and sore. They may feel a slight pain too, since the strain that their eyes have taken is too much. Since the eye is such a sensitive organ, it cannot take too much strain for very long. If you continue to ignore the signs, you may also lose your eyesight little by little. The best remedy for this is to stop working for a few minutes — to take one’s eyes off the monitor and to keep them closed for a minute or so. Splashing cold water on them is another remedy.
Water, Water From My Eyes 
Yes, too much work does make one cry but even when you have watched too much television in the dark, in positions that would only further tax your eyes, your eyes will turn watery. Exposure to strong sources of light causes the whole eye to turn dry, causing the tear glands to work overtime to keep the eye hydrated. If you are in a position that requires you to stare at the monitor for long, which causes your eyes to turn too watery, wash your eyes often and meet an ophthalmologist.

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